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Monday, December 12, 2011

My Elijah ... My Joy ... What A Special Day

Sunday was such a fun day as FAMILY and FRIENDS came out to celebrate Elijah's baptism with us ... It is one of those moments that just takes your breathe away ... I saw Elijah w/ Scott knowing that each day he is learning more about the LORD ... He is finding his way in his relationship with the LORD ... Elijah is my QUESTION ASKER ... He has questions 24/7 ... He is not fearful to ask any question and I love that about him ... He is a seeker, a builder, a creative spirit, and an ALL OUT BOY ...

I was so proud of him on Sunday and just wept tears of JOY as he was Baptized ... I can't wait to take him to Honduras in January to let him see NEW THINGS ... I want his little heart to grow even more for others and have a deeper understanding of GOD's KINGDOM ... I know he will love it, but it will also shake him a bit ... Elijah may be a redhead full of energy and could wrestle down a bear, but he has such a tender heart and I know he will hurt for the children he mets ...

I love my sweet sweet son !!! He may not pick up clothes off the floor no matter the punishment, but oh the smiles he puts on my face !!!

Daddy and Elijah 

Elijah's buddies !!! (they are one cool group) 

Elijah and Dailen (his cousin) 

3 kind words.:

Sharla said...

What an occasion to celebrate!

Jill said...

There is no greater joy as a mother. Celebrating with you and the angels.

Catherine said...

What an amazing little boy and what an extra special day!