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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest post by Coach O

Compassion or Sympathy

I am writing this post out of a true inspiration and admiration for my wonderful wife. Her compassion for the last,lost and least reminds me of what I read over and over again in the Gospels about Jesus. When you read about him healing the sick, the blind, or the lame, it is often preceded by this statement,"He had compassion on them." Compassion is what motivated Jesus to ACT!
This is where Gwen brings her A-GAME. She acts. I think sometimes we get compassion and sympathy mixed up though. Like pity, sympathy cost us nothing...and therefore is worth nothing. Sympathy is the thought of love... compassion is the act of love. Sympathy says "I might," Compassion shouts " I WILL!!!"
Thank you Lord Jesus that you are filled with compassion toward us and that while we were orphaned sinners you paved the way to heaven for us. Thank you Gwen for being a living message of that compassion. 

Are you a Sympathy person or a Compassion person?

Scott Oatsvall

4 kind words.:

paige said...

what an awesome post to your amazing wifey!!
i want to be a compassion person. gwen's life inspires me to be just that!

Kim said...

Amen! She is a beautiful example to us all!

Jennifer said...

Very well said! Love it! BTW beautiful words about your wife. There couldn't be a higher compliment.

Diane and family said...

Coach O and sweet Gwen,

Because I LOVED your sympathy or Compassion question, going out on a limb here and stepping away from sympathy over to joyful Compassion! I know this is your blog:) and, have lost your email, Gwen,

Please vist this blog, and, if you feel the Holy Spirit lead you to pray for this family, and, ask other families in the Body of Christ, all of us adopted through Him, all of us to pray for this family, please!

I do not know them, but, much like your sweet team am remembering a Mama in China who needed prayer....let us praise Him for what only He can do for these children and their forever family!!

Love you and living in Compassion with you on this very day, Coach O and sweet Gwen!!