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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We don't really celebrate Gotcha Days around here because we celebrate each persons birthday ... It is just our tradition, but on this day every year I thank GOD for blinding me to all that was to come w/ our sweet Maggie ... If her file had said all the TRUTHS about her condition, I don't think I would have felt strong enough to handle it ... God knew I would use all that HE had to offer me as a mother and that I would be the perfect tool to heal her little heart and body ... AND I WAS !!!  WE WERE THE PERFECT FAMILY TO LOVE HER and heal her ... What a journey we have been on and I wouldn't trade one moment of it for anything ... She is my precious precious princess ... Every night before she goes to bed I say and she repeats after me ... I AM PRECIOUS, I AM SMART, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM A DANCING BALLERINA,  I AM A STINKER, AND JESUS MADE ME !!!

Enjoy this look into our little Maggie

3 kind words.:

Shelby Grace said...

wow, that was so beautiful!

redmaryjanes said...

I will never forget your trip to bring Maggie home. Tears streamed down my face with every new post. You were so brave. And truly, she was too. Yes, you are her family...period. Always meant to love her.

Diane and family:-) said...

Precious Maggie!!

Knew it then, know it, now, God is good!!