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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It is never about where you go SERVE ... just go !!!

It is never about how much you GIVE ... just give !!!

It is never about how you LOVE ... just love !!!

It is never about the kind of TALENT you have ... just use your talent !!!

It is never about ONE people group ... it is about all God's children !!!

The serving, giving, loving, using your talent, or helping people is ALWAYS ABOUT YOUR HEART!  GOD measures our hearts and how we use all HE has given us to the glory of HIS KINGDOM !!! 

4 kind words.:

Jill said...

Amen! and It's never about about us....just HIM and HIS GLORY!

Shonni said...

Great words and encouragement. We are close to bringing home our two precious ones from China...I’m excited and scared, but always, ALWAYS want to follow HIM...

Kendra said...

i love this, gwen. i would love to share it as i have been feeling like shouting it from the mountain tops lately. :0)

We Are Family said...

I like this VERY much! :)