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Thursday, August 25, 2011

There Are Just Some Days When I Miss Katie More Than Others !!!

Getting super excited about Katie's trip home in October to promote her book ... It is days like today when we are spreading the word about her book and talking to lots of people about her that I REALLY MISS HER - her loud laugh, her curled up at my table, her yellow car in my driveway, her beside me on the treadmill at the Y, or me hanging at her house in Uganda just having dinner w/ her and the girls ... My kids talk about her all the time as if she will be here any minute ... They dream about their trips to Uganda and will even make up sweet stories about when they will meet all of Katie's daughters ... It is so cute how they love them and her ...

We are so excited that 147 Million Orphans will be selling her book and will be able to give back 50% of the profits to Amazima ...

CHECK OUT OUR NEW 147 MILLION ORPHANS VIDEO - our trip to Uganda and other amazing projects we are working on !!! 

2 kind words.:

Behn and Meg said...

Love the video- gonna buy me some beads!

Also can't wait for Katie's book!

Amy said...

This gives me chills a little bit. So proud of the work you are doing and can't wait to read more about it. What song was that in the video? LOVED that.