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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just Like Coming Home ... Uganda Day 1

The smells ... The traffic ... The people ... There were moments today when it felt like I had never left Uganda ... So many things are familiar to me now ... I know that my attachment to this country is because of Joseph, Daisy, and Katie ... My love for them makes me want to understand the people and the country ... I don't want to be viewed as a tourist, but as someone who genuinely cares about them.

After a very long car ride (over 4 hours) because of the FUTBOL GAME today in Kampala, we finely made it to Katie's !!!  Suzanne, Grace, and I tackled Katie w/ hugs and shed a few tears of JOY !!! It has been a long time dream for all 3 three of us to be in Uganda together ... We jumped right into catching up, laughing, and just being together ... Katie is one of us !!! She is a mom doing her best to serve others and yet on many days she is a leader in our life ... She encourages us (like she does many of you out there in blogland) and her faith walk enables us to stretch ourselves a little further ...

There were moments today as we all stood in her kitchen and she made spaghetti for 25 people (and that is just for us and the people living w/ her) that it was like we had never been apart ... You know when you are family because it doesn't matter whether you spend 365 days a year together or 7 days together and you just flow w/ each other ... Not many people get KATIE'S life and Suzanne and I are thankful that God sent us to Katie for such a time as this ...

One of the shining moments of today was seeing the precious family that is living out back of Katie's house ... I don't think I have ever known a time when Katie didn't have someone besides her girls living w/ her ... Women, children, and families come to her and they are either sick, hungry, hopeless, or all of the above and she just opens her home and heart to them .... This is a kind of JESUS love !!! I will be honest and say I don't understand that kind of BENDING ON YOUR KNEES TO SERVE ... She inspires me on so many levels and I pray God will allow Suzanne and I to encourage Katie this week ... That just by our being her and loving on her it will refresh her for the tasks to come ... I know she will say YES to whatever the Lord has for her and I hope we can be a little extra armor for her ...

So much more to come this week ... We will be visiting several places and serving ... I am anxious, nervous, scared, and excited to see what God has in store for us ...

Good night All !!!

3 kind words.:

The Ferrill's said...

Just went to see Suzanne's blog about John Jigo! Amazing! What a blessing!
We are praying for you all....and for your families back home!
I am so excited yall are with Katie! Thank you Jesus!
Blessings, hugs, and love!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Beautiful.... God's perfect will is just beautiful... and that is what you 3 are in right now... His perfect will.... praying for you all and all those He will minister to through you.
Love you sister,

Alisha Darsey said...

Love this!