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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lot's of FIRST and FUN these days ...

I am exhausted at the end of each day, but oh the fun we have sometimes ... I am doing my best to try and have some individual time w/ my kids, so I can see their light and their talents ... It is fun talking w/ them and just getting back in touch w/ each them ... They are such individuals and SO SO SO different ... It is such a reflection of Christ and all HIS talents to create us all so DIFFERENTLY ... I will say that the year Maggie came home was so tough that I didn't get to be the mom I would have liked to have been to Emily, Elijah, and Jeremiah ... I can't make up for that, but I can do my best to not let any one child consume the family (if that makes sense) ... Because of ages and personalities they all need me in a different way, and learning that is important ... I LOVE DATES W/ MY KIDS !!! 


Daisy went to Mother's Day Out today for the first time ... She has been itching for school, friends, music, arts/craft time, and just being BIG like her brothers/sisters ... 

Joseph's First day of School and video ... He was amazing and so brave !!! He never ceases to show CHRIST w/ his infectious joy and smile ... I am honored to be his mother !!!! 

3 kind words.:

emily said...

Be still my heart, I love that kid.

Sarah said...

oh my word. cannot believe they're both at school. even if it is mother's day out for daisy. still. unreal. give them all huge hugs and lots of kisses from me!

Wife of the Pres. said...

My Li'l Dude went to school too. Not what I expected when we came home last summer, but it has been the best for HIM! I am so thankful for the school he attends and for all they do.

BTW, I would love to chat with you via email soon as we are heading into the world of hearing impairment and this is not a need I've researched at all!

Our Li'l Dude can't hear very well. Not a shock or surprise to God though.

LOved your recent post. Good stuff.

Please PM me at if I can pick your brain about audiology/hearing aids at VCH. I just need some reassurance I think.

Here's my blog:

Prayers and big high five for brave Joseph!