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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Listen To The Words Of This Song ... ONE LESS

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Erika Reiner said...

The Story of Your Life is my FAVORITE CD right now! I love this song! My husband and I saw him in concert for this tour and it was a Tuesday night. Work was busy and crazy so being at home sounded really good. I actually suggested we leave at intermission. I was just that tired.

My hubs said he wanted to stay so we did. One of the first songs after intermission was One Less. I cried. We cried. We KNEW God had led us to this concert to hear THAT song.

Another nudge from God.

One Less

The Stiffs said...

One of my favorites. Every song on that CD has a way of making me think and warming my heart.

Jennifer said...

Totally gives me goosebumps!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder of why we, as adoptive parents, do what we do. As my husband and I prepare to travel to Uganda at the end of this month, I'm humbled to think that God would allow me to be the mommy of a little boy that is without one...He will not be without one much longer...soon he will be 'One Less.'

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing this! Beautiful song!

Kim said...

Great song. Thanks for sharing Gwen.
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Bethany said...

I love this song. We adopted a little girl from Russia that has Down syndrome and I have this son in the video montage that I'm looking for a spare second to complete. LOL. Just came across your blog ... I think I'm gonna like it here! :)