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Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Thought

As I feel each day is a juggle, I have to stop myself as I try to prioritize the day ... WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT ... not to me but, to the LORD ... I am thoroughly enjoying these days and those stolen individual moments w/ each of my children ... They seem so rare !!  I had teacher conferences yesterday and to see my children through someone else's eyes is so humbling ... I love my sweet family and I pray each day I can get at least a small part of the day in the RIGHT ORDER ... Thank you Lord for always piercing my heart in such a gentle way to pull me back to you !!! 
 "buy a shirt feed a child for two weeks" 

4 kind words.:

Erica said...

Needed this friend. Thanks. Glad you are having sweet sweet time with your babies.

A Cup of Cold Water said...

thanks for the honest insight! i am glad i am not the only one who feels the constant pulls in 100 directions, trying to keep everything in order :). it's easy to slip in to feeling guilty for not meeting every mark, especially when you compare yourself to the personas you sometimes see in blogs. but i love your honesty! it's encouraging! :) :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Prioritizing....oh, how I need to count the days, and make the days count.
To clean up or play.
To write and encourage others, or...
Praise the LORD who gives us wisdom,

Leigh Ann said...

Yes, I love spending one on one time with my girls, too. It fascinates me to watch them grow up.