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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Katie has posted one of those post that makes you SEE clearly the hurting of the world and the HOPE of Christ ... read for yourself about REAL people, WHO CALL US BROTHERS AND SISTERS ...

I have only spent a small time seeing AFRICA, but I am doing my best to serve Amazima, Katie, and 147 here in the states ... It is my part and I know there is always more I can do and teach my family to do ... The one question I get asked the most for KATIE/AMAZIMA is how can I do what she is doing and I always tell people Katie didn't start w/ 14 daughters, 400 kids in an educational program, or feeding 1500 children a day ... She actually started serving in her local community at the local mission ... You see it is ONE STEP OF OBEDIENCE AT A TIME and God will lead you to the field HE wants you to serve on ... Blessing !!!

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Jessica B said...

I just finished reading Katie's blog and quickly jumped over to yours and Suzannes to see if you had posted anything recently. Oh my heart hurts and still yearns to do something - praying God gives me direction in my future (and quickly - patience is not one of my vitures yet!).


Susanna said...

thanks for linking to katie's post...I was so moved...and thankyou for encouraging us to step out in obedience!

Kim said...

heading over now
love & blessings from hong kong,

The Ferrill's said...

I read Katie's post last night and just like all her posts do, it brought up so many feelings of praise and sorrow all at the same time...and you are right...we take obedience ONE STEP at a time! What a great reminder, Gwen!
I love your post below about speaking the name of much power in that Name above ALL Names!
Bless you, sister!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

Oh yes, girl.... everyone wants to be Katie... but we have so many starving and hungry right in front of us.