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Monday, September 13, 2010


 Jill Shelton .... SISTER YOU ARE THE WINNER ... thanks everyone for playing the game ... JILL,  email me at w/ your size and I will get your shirt shipped out !!

There are so many new shirts coming ... check back on Tuesday and place your order or just stop by and see our NEW VIDEO !!! 

The best thing about 147 Million Orphans is that Suzanne and I can take no credit for how it is growing, blessing others, and helping many ... God is totally using our crazy chaotic lives as only HE can do ... TAKE ME AS I AM LORD and use me as YOU WILL ... We want to FOLLOW HIM and we want to go where HE WANTS US TO GO ... 

Don't look back and Don't look ahead, but just stay in the moment w/ the LORD and He will direct our steps ... If you had told Suzanne and I a year ago that 147 would keep us as busy as it does, have us traveling around the country for events, and having people look to us for advice, we probably would have never made the first shirt ... lol ... but being obedient to take that first step is all God is asking ... Like the story in NEHEMIAH about building the wall ... It takes one brick at a time ... It takes people walking out their door and just doing their part ... We don't have to do it all or do what someone else is doing, but we just need to do what GOD WANTS US TO DO ... 

Thanks for all your support and encouragement this year of our family and 147 ... blessings !!!

4 kind words.:

Kim said...

What beautiful words of wisdom.
You girls keep me motivated.
Heading over now to check out the new t shirts!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

That Fresh Feeling said...

Can't wait to see the new shirts friend:)

Table for Six said...

thanks Girl

Amy said...

I'm impatiently waiting for the new shirts :) :)

I can't wait to have some new 147 million orphans shirts :) :)