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Thursday, August 26, 2010

HIV and Justin Bieber

Those are probably two words you hoped you would never see in one sentence ... hee hee ... I have been meaning to post about these two SEPARATE EVENTS and just haven't gotten around to it ... Imagine that !!!! hee hee

I will start w/ the concert ... Suzanne and I thought it would be fun to take our Middle girls (MillerAnne, Annabelle, Emily and Maggie) to the JB concert to celebrate all their birthdays and make some big girl memories ... They all love his music and think he is dreamy ... GAG ME W/ A SPOON !!!  ... but I do remember having a certain crush on Kirk Cameron back in the day, so we thought what the HEY let's do it  !!!  When I tell you the noise level at this concert was something I have never heard in my life ... I was slightly hearing impaired the rest of the evening ... I tell you when JB walked out on stage and said that NASHVILLE SURE HAS SOME PRETTY GIRLS  - the place erupted, walls shook, and glass broke!  I will say he is a very talented young man -dancing, singing, playing the guitar, piano, and drums ... He put on a great show ... It was worth those precious, surprised look on the girls faces when he come out (except Maggie cause she was asleep for the first half of the concert ... lol )

I have no idea how to turn the picture the right way ... sorry !!

Now on to my kind of night ... Our family, the Mayernick's, and the Alexander family (in from TX) went to an HIV exhibit at a local church ... It was an interactive exhibit where you walked in the foot steps of a child facing the issue HIV in Africa ... You heard their story on head sets and waited in a clinic to see if YOU were HIV positive ... So much of the staging was familiar from my trip to Africa.  It was very interesting to hear Scott's take on it since he hasn't been ... He was moved and saddened by the life so many helpless children live ... For me the whole evening was about JOSIE LOVE ... I would be one of those people sitting in the dark not knowing what was going on around the world to so many if JOSIE LOVE had not entered our life ... The most beautiful butterfly ever ... I have watched her go from limp, sick, rag doll to walking, talking, smiling angel right before my very eyes ... One of the greatest gifts for me is watching my children love on her and gravitate to her when they walk in a room ... Plus she calls me GiGi and that makes me feel super special  ... YOU CAN'T HELP BUT NOTICE THAT BIG OLE SMILE AND BOOTY !!!!  When I left the exhibit that night there was a prayer wall and I wrote "THANK YOU LORD FOR BRINGING JOSIE LOVE TO US."

Oh how I wish I had the nerve to pray for more people to come in my life like JOSIE LOVE ... To watch Jesus bring the sick, cripple, mentally challenged, the hungry, homeless, and hopeless to my door and watch them BLESS US ALL AND GROW WINGS JUST LIKE A BUTTERFLY !!!!

so thankful for a night of HIV and JUSTIN BIEBER ... two different nights, yet both a blessing in their own way !!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Loved that exhibit!!! Really opened my eyes, and I too thought of many blog friends who have adopted HIV children and seen God work sooo many miracles. How AWESOME IS OUR GOD?

Lori S said...

I've not heard of an HIV exhibit but sounds very interesting! What a profound way to raise awareness!!
Tons of screaming girls and Justin Bieber?! Hmmmm.... I'd do it for my girls too!! :)

Kim said...

We have another very similar exhibit at "Crossroads" in Hong Kong. You can experience HIV, Orphan, Refugee, Blindness, Poverty, Hunger, etc. This is a great reminder that I need to post about that as well!

Andrea said...

LOVE it! Sounds like a great night of fun for the girls. :)
I cannot count the blessings we have received since adopting our E... I LOVE how God works...even in the hard stuff.

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

You did NOT just say "Gag me with a spoon." Helloooo, sister, the Valley Girls went off the air about 22 years ago. Now, who is going to keep you in line with me gone? Sniff sniff.... lots of room for orphan gear here.... I have not seen ONE awareness T-shirt yet! Proudly wearing mine! :) and carrying my bag!