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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Like An Episode of SURVIVOR !!

Close your eyes and picture w/ me the sounds that have my eye twitching, my migraine at capacity, and my shoulders tense w/ keeping myself on full alert ALL DAY...

The OATSVALL TEAM is on vacation (aka EPISODE OF SURVIVOR) in Florida in a 1 bedroom condo ... YES, 1 BEDROOM (like 500 sq. feet) ... Joseph is flicking the door stop that is making a loud pinging noise, Maggie is screaming my name MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, MAMA, Elijah has Daisy in a headlock tickling her which I am not sure if she is crying or laughing it is so LOUD, and Jeremiah has the TV at the highest volume possible ... CAN YOU HEAR IT ????  and where is Scott - locked in the bathroom !!!

My sweet and amazingly frugal husband planned this vacation before we knew Joseph/Daisy would be home and has the sweetest of intentions ... I am proud of his frugalness, although at times I tell him otherwise ... It is because he is frugal that we have been able to do the many things that God has called us to do without going into debt ... So even though I may be aging 10 years this week I am one blessed wife and mother !!! Please forgive me for my scowl this week,  honey !!!

As we get out of our van, walk to the pool, play on the beach, or walk in a restaurant ALL EYES HEAD OUR WAY ... Two white skinned, two mocha skinned, and two black skinned beauties just file in w/ us !!! Most people have been so curious and kind with their comments (with the occasional stare of PLEASE CONTROL YOUR KIDS) ... I love how people feel the need to tell you very fast that they never felt called to adopt as if I am trying to solve the world's 147 million orphan crisis all by myself and would love for them to pitch in  ... I always laugh in my head (and feel a little sorry for them missing out on the adoption journey)  and then proceed to encourage them to get involved with the ORPHANS of the world (in my very sweet southern draw  .... lol )  !!!

Five weeks home w/ Joseph and Daisy and we are still trying to find our footing and honestly days are tough right now ... I appreciate all your prayers ... Joseph goes to see a specialist on Aug. 2nd ... We realized and our pediatrician confirmed he has more going on than hearing loss ... It does break our hearts and changes the road ahead ... BUT IT GOD'S ROAD and we will walk it ...


Well, I off to try to sleep (now that is a pipe dream !!!) and rest my mind for the noises and blessings of tomorrow !!!


13 kind words.:

From a full heart... said...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that one of you is worth a ZILLION. Wow, what a TRIP! We will be praying for sweet Joseph as you seek answers.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OH sweet friend -I would not be as polite or nice about what is going on in that hotel room! LOL! I'll be praying for you :-) I would need a vacation from that vacation something fierce...

I agree that last photo of you is worth a zillion words! Yum! A slice of heaven in a cone!

Praying for you to get all the help you need for Joseph! Praying for strength to carry you through no matter what God reveals is ahead of you and your family!

Lots of love,

Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying!!! Ice Cream is what God created to help mothers :) I'm convinced anyway :)

Kristi J said...

oh, girl..i can hear the's in my house 24/7..but I guess that's why we can hang!! :) LOL love the icecream pic the best :) praying for yall every day, kj

emily said...

Oh girl, can't even wait to come with my crew and contribute to the maddness. :)

Love you.

Andrea said...

Praying! And totally jealous of the ice cream! :)

Amanda said...

Praying for Joseph. If you drive 3.5 hrs south, you are welcome to visit me. I can add 2 more kids to the madness. Seriously drive down. You all are welcome.
God bless you. Wonderfull family!

mom to a 15 yrs old and a little one from China

Alison said...

Praying for little Joseph!! Love this post...and love your heart! So precious and FUN!

Jill Funkhouser said...

Praying for Joseph and love the pics!

Kim said...

i can so relate to the madness, loudness, stares and comments at the beach!
gotcha covered in prayer!
love & blessings,

Lori S said...

OH....I know the sounds of a full house and hotel room ALL TOO WELL!! I feel your pain...yes, I said pain!!
I LOVE what you said about missing out on the experience of adopting!! After having 4 bio kids, we decided to explore this new adventure!! Hey! I've always liked trying new things!! It's been crazy, amazing, chaotic....wouldn't change it for anything!! God is good!!

jasnjoj said...

Hope you're having a fun (if loud...and squishy) time!

This is Joli in Blackshear, GA. We were so glad to speak with you and Suzanne last Friday...and can't wait to see what the Lord will accomplish when you all come here in November!

It Couldn't Be Better said...

You are doing eternal work. Don't forget! I know it's got to be hard. I love the picture of you and your husband hand-in-hand. I have the same super-hero-type for a husband, myself. We are lucky to have men who have a heart for God and for the least of these. I love your honesty and I think you should use that southern drawl anytime you can!