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Thursday, May 27, 2010

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I am playing total catch up here ... I am the worst photographer there is and I hate to take the time to download my pictures on the computer, so when I do you get a whole bunch of stuff ... Life is simply crazy right now.   Suzanne and I joke that we are playing chase on a daily basis w/ what God has us doing ... The good news is if you are going to chase something IT BETTER BE GOD !!! 

Here are a few pictures of my sweet angel Maggie from Surgery ... She is doing amazingly well and her gabillion stitches will come out next week !!! 

OK, so I don't remember if I told you that Suzanne and I went to the Orphan Summit in MN last month and it was astonishing to say the least ... Emily met us there (she is from TX) and when I tell you that you better watch out for the 3 of us I mean WATCH OUT ... We have a few things up our sleeves and it is all about ORPHANS and it is BIG ... The three of us just thoroughly enjoyed some sister time together ... We laughed, we cried, and we ate in our pjs !!! Lord thank you for those 24 hours together !!!

If you could give this group a few days we could totally solve all the orphan issues God has for us ... Sweet Sweet friends we caught up w/ at the conference that share our hearts for the orphans of the world.  Funny story is we all met because we love orphans and now we are like family !!!! LOVED HANGING W/ YA !!!

OK, this should be a post all by itself, but because of time it won't be for quite a while ... THIS IS HOW THE MAGIC GETS DONE AT 147 ... We all show up to Jan's garage and just start working ... We sort necklaces, we package all your tees, we chase a few kids around, we return emails, we have lunch, we untangle MORE necklaces, and package more 147 tees !!! We laugh a lot and could not get it all done w/ out Jan, Michelle, Amy and Rhonda !!! 

Field trip to the ZOO w/ Jeremiah and his class ... This is my favorite field trip of the year and I try to always go on this one ... I love to be outside and walking around ... The boys loved it and I love just listening to them talk ...  (and yes, I wear a 147 million orphans shirt every day !!!) 

Grandparents day w/ Elijah ... When I say my boy stole the show w/ his extraordinary dance moves I am telling the truth ... He gets that from his dad ... He we so so so cute !!! They did 50's music w/ lots of ROCK AND ROLL !!

What would we do w/ out NANA ... She is always there and always ready to lend a hand ... At 85 (ssshhhh don't tell her I told her age) she gets more done in a day than I do ... She always comes to stay when I leave the country or go to the hospital ... We are blessed to have her in our life !!!

Josie Love cleaning and Maggie dancing ... Thinking Maggie got the easy end of this one !!!

I couple of pictures from my shower that Kristi gave me ... It was SO MUCH FUN ... She had everyone wear 147 tees and she decorated the house w/ Daisies !!! She opens her home and heart to everyone !!

Emily and Patricia (Katie's youngest) partying on my table after a swim !!!  Emily just loves her some Patricia and Katie ... She says when she graduates she is moving to Uganda w/ Katie, but I will have to send her money because missionaries don't get paid in money just hugs ... YOU GOTTA LOVE A GIRL THAT GETS IT !!!

THERE YOU GO, MY LIFE IN A NUTSHELL ... blessed, busy, and back logged !!! 

Please continue to pray for Suzanne and I as 147 Million Orphans grows ... WE NEED IT !!! Pray for Josie Love, Maggie, bringing home Joseph/Daisy, pray we can manage our time well this summer w/ our families, pray for ... WELL YOU GET THE PICTURE ... WE NEED PRAYER !!

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natali said...

i totally will pray for you guys! i thank GOD for people like you guys who "get it" too! :))

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Prayers remain with you!

Loads of love,

Melanie said...

I'm so glad that Maggie is doing well. I enjoyed coming to your house and meeting Katie for the first time this past Saturday. I missed seeing you. Also, you have the best NANA in the entire world....I have seen it time and time again....She rocks!!

Kim K. said...

Glad to have you back and sharing life with all of us. Super pictures. I've been thinking about sweet Maggie constantly. I'm glad her recovery is going well. Hugs to you, Gwen. Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.

redmaryjanes said...

I am just in awe Gwen. You go girl! What an impact your life is making :)* said...

AMAZING! :) Thanks so much for taking the TIME to blog about everything going on! I just received my necklace & T-shirt! :) Bloggin about it TODAY! :)

AMAZING AMAZING STUFF! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

Still wanting to email & talk with you about adoption. :)


Jim and April said...

beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing your journey through life recently in pics with us!

The Ferrill's said...

Aw, I LOVE this post! A fun glimpse into the life of one of my favorite mommas!
Praying for you all!

3 Blessings said...

Love all the pictures. Praying for you friend.

*Given Much Mom* said...

Loved seeing all the pics!!

Kim said...

Like I ALWAYS say..
I wear a shirt as often as possible.. I still need the green,blue and black one.. adn I will have them soon..

designs by jackaroo said...

Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures and moments. I am so glad I found your blog. It is inspiring! - Erin

Tracy said...

LOVE the catch up pics!! You go girl!! Much love!