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Monday, April 26, 2010

Lesson #3 from Uganda ... Meet my JaJa (grandmother)

Sorry, it has taken me so long to do this post, but as usual life just gets in a spin and I am trying to keep my head above water ... As most of you saw on FB, we got our verbal ruling from the Judge (yeah) ... Waiting on the written ruling to take for our passports ... I am very thankful to the friends in Uganda helping me with this process from afar  ... YOU GUYS ROCK !!

Now on to Lesson #3  ... Many of you may remember the story of JaJa Grace on Katie's blog ... She is an elderly woman, who is lame, blind, and HIV positive ... She is a very frail looking woman ... Katie had moved her from her dirt hut closer to her home so she could look after her better and make sure she was getting food and water ... Katie soon found out that the laws prohibit her from doing this w/out the permission of JaJa's family.  Katie went to get permission from the family and it was denied by the daughter ... It was very sad for Katie's heart, but she had to take JaJa back and this time she was going to a niece's home and the prayers were that the niece would be loving and kind to JaJa ... So one day all of Katie's girls, myself, Kristin, and Katie piled in the van to go move JaJa to her new home ... There are moments in your life that are etched in your mind like a picture and this day was one of them ... I walked w/ Kristin into the place where JaJa was living and carried her and all her possessions to Katie's van ... JaJa had the sweetest smile on her face as we lifted her into the van ... Then we gathered all her belongings, which was a mattress, small tub, and Walmart size bag ... THAT WAS IT ... After a long life this were all of her possessions ... We drove probably about 45 minutes away and with each passing minute Katie realized that JaJa Grace was going to be so far away that their visits would be infrequent and she was sad ... Katie walk into the house of the niece as JaJa Grace stayed in the van w/us ... I turned around and rubbed her leg and she just moaned this sweet voice and she began rubbing my arm ... I could tell she liked the touch of my skin to her hand ... I mean how many of us in this world desire and long to be hugged, cuddled, touched, or just patted on the back ... WE LONG FOR TOUCH ... I just starred at her and sent up a silent prayer ... (At the moment so hard to process) ... I was thinking, God this is one of your children ... She has been a warrior much of her life !!! I was begging silently that JaJa's niece would be a place of comfort and safety ... The thought of JaJa Grace being mistreated or forgotten was more than my heart could take ...

Katie came back to the car and they took JaJa Grace into her new home ... I saw people from other homes coming over and going into the house ... After about 30 minutes, Katie and Kristin came back to the van ... Katie was so excited that the niece was welcoming, kind, and generally happy to care for JaJa Grace, plus her neighbors had come over to lend their support and a helping hand ... They talked of fixing meals for JaJa Grace and helping in other ways ... PEACE ... thank you LORD !!!

JaJa Grace is one of those people I can't wait to meet in heaven ... I want to hear all about her life and her love for the Father ...

JaJa Grace ... I will never forget your sweet moaning !!!

 Look at that precious face !!!

Katie and Kristin taking JaJa to her new home !!!

Kristin (angel on earth), Katie (my sister) and me of course ... I mean how cool do we look in our 147 Gear !!!  I adored staying at Katie's house and hanging w/ these two fabulous sisters !!!

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Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Beautiful!!! What a wonderful lesson!

SOO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Praying that written comes soon for you all :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

All I can say is Our GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!

Hugs and love! So excited for your news!

Yeah God!


Kristi J said... yall in the shirts and love me some sweet...great hangin today...kj

Kim said...

No word to adequately describe the blessing of following along.
Thank you for sharing, teaching, inspiring us as you life out the WHOLE gospel!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Jim and April said...

WOW! Great post! Your so right, I am guessing so many of them do not even get that touch that we take for granted over here! I am sure God used you to minister to her that day, even just by touch!

3 Blessings said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.

natali said...

ever since reading about Jaja Grace I have thought about her often! I'm glad to hear that she is still doing well. Thanks for sharing! Will be praying for her :))

Carrie said...

So excited for Joseph and Daisy being that much closer to home!

Love the lesson's from Uganda...just beautiful the things the Lord is working in you and your family.

Blessings and Love,

Bobby said...

I work in Media and see nasty people all day everyday come across my screen. It does my heart good to know there are people like you guys out there. Bless you guys!

Laine said...

JaJa is beautiful, inside and out!
I am praying for your Maggie, Gwen! I'm not on FB, so thank you for updating your blog!
Sending hugs to you!!!!!!!!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Praise the LORD that Ja Ja Grace will be loved and cared for, and the sweet peace He gave you.

You have truly seen the face of Jesus.....

Beloved of God said...

Wow, would it be possible to read your blog without crying?! You have such a beautiful heart and truly make these wonderful people come alive to us! Thank you!