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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gwen is in Uganda popping bon bons and I'm at home working my fingers to the bone....

Suzanne here.....
Gwen called, she made it to Uganda!!!!!  She was sitting under her mosquito net getting ready for bed so that she can wake up and go touch her babies! YAYAYAY!  While she is there popping bon bons, I am here slaving away with 147 Million Orphans.  We now have our spring Feed 1's in hand!  The pics do not do them justice.  The melon Feed 1 is a real pretty coral color with chocolate writing.  The blue is a bright robin's egg blue.

ALSO, because of MANY requests...we have athletic gear! Perfect for any type of exercise.... You marathon runners..her is your chance to bring awareness while training AND feed a hungry child with your purchase!  We have tanks for women and short sleeve for men (and women).  It speaks BOLDLY from the front to bring awareness and has our favorite verse on the back....CHECK THEM OUT!  

the pics are not up on our site yet...but you can still purchase all of

2 kind words.:

Melissa said...

I am definitely getting a running shirt. I ruined my original 147 shirt (blue/red) by running in it. Hmm, maybe I should get one for running and one for just wearing ;o)

Roger Bachman said...

Hey those new shirts looks awesome!
Are the Feed 1 shirts just for women? I'm not big on plain white shirts and I'm not studly enough to sport a tank. Praying for this ministry and your trip. I hope it is going awesome and God has blown you away with His Goodness, and being able to meet your kidos! Love in Christ, Roger