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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Count Down !!! ... and Update time !!!

Only 22 days till I leave for Uganda !!! I have been preparing for this moment for over a year !!! I am going to walk (who are we kidding ... I AM GONNA RUN) into the gates and tackle my kids !!! I can't wait to touch them and look into their eyes !!! I can't wait to see Katie and meet her precious children and look into the eyes of all the children in the Amazima program that have changed my life !!!

Please pray for our court date (along w/ the Hannah family .. I am traveling w/ them ... They are friends from here adopting Bobby ... Joseph's buddy) ... Pray for Maggie to continue her procedure w/out infection and please lift up an UNSPOKEN ...

Now time for UPDATES ...

 2 Trips to the airport in one week !!! That is 6 children coming home to forever families ... I have prayed for these 6 children for over a year ... And of course 147 Million Orphans was represented well at homecoming !!! Thank You Lord for bringing these FAMILIES TOGETHER !! (and yes, I have pjs on in the first airport trip

This is TEAM 147 first tourney ... Most of these boys have played together for about 3 years ... They are so fun to watch and more than that we hope we are teaching them about the BIG PICTURE  !!! Instead of names on the back of the jerseys there is a scripture !!! 


That face is ready for business !!! Jeremiah will be going w/ me on my 2nd trip to Africa !!!

Emily is at every game and puts here time doing cartwheels for the crowd !!! Jeremiah is sharing his trophy w/ her !!!

Today was Emily's Kindergarten testing ... I can't believe she will be going to school next year !!!! 

The best part will be that she gets to go w/ Daddy everyday ... I can't tell you how peaceful that is for me to know he is there !!! Maggie will follow soon !!! GO FRA !!!

This is a little late post, but my sweet Anna turned 18 and we had a surprise birthday party for her at the pottery place w/ all her favorite kids !!! 

Mini Suzanne here ... I love my sweet GRACE ... she has a heart for orphans that is so big and I can't wait to see what God does in her life !!!

Our conference in IL brought us some amazing sisters !!! These women did a fabulous job HONORING  God and showing others how to SEE the orphans of the world ... LOVE YOU !!!

ICING ON THE CAKE ... This trip was so over due for the 4 of us ... We had a great time talking about  the impact we want for 147 to have on the orphan crisis, we laughed and ate a lot !!!

The panel discussion was very powerful ... It is important that believers come together and share what God is doing in our lives, so we can inspire others to follow the calling upon their life !!!

wwwhhhhheeeeewwww ... I feel caught up now !!! 

Thanks so much for checking in on us and for praying !!! 

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TanyaLea said...

Love reading your updates. You have the most beautiful family...and it's about to get even bigger! Yeah!!! :) You'll be count'in down the HOURS before you know it!!

God bless! <><

Jill Funkhouser said...

Loved the uodate. We will keep the prayers coming. We have our Home study. Pray for us!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Praying you through the court date and right into the arms of your children!

I'm so excited to see what God has planned this year for 147million!

I'm blessed to call you friend!

Love and hugs,

Tracy said...

SO much love in one post!!! You are the picture of a life well lived!! --- love you so much and praying and praying for the glorious reunion with Joseph and Daisy!!

Kim said...

Team Oatsvall is being lifted up from Hong Kong! Love all the photos and updates. Cannot wait to see you in Uganda with your two beautiful blessings!!
Love & Miss You!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

PRAYING!! Our God is going to move mountains!

So EXCITED for you all, and know that you are being used to spread the word in such a powerful way!

Kim K. said...

I can't wait to follow your journey to Uganda. I've been anxious for a Oatsvall update. I love all the pictures.

Thinking and praying for your sweet family. (((hugs)))

Jim and April said...

LOVE the pics and I am so excited for your trip to Uganda! Praying the problems in the courts over there work out soon for all of you that will be trying to bring your children home!

Jenn in GA said...

it is amazing to me to see the community of adoptive families that God has raised up in the Nashville area. whose initial obedience was the catalyst for all this? who knows? but the angels are rejoicing and the Father is smiling.

why 2 trips to africa? you can't go get joseph and daisy in one trip? pardon my ignorance; i'm sure i'm forgetting something i should know.

That Fresh Feeling said...

Hey Sista! thinking of you daily and praying for the whole family. So happy for you. oh and by the way the green 147 million shirt i am loving....can i get one? let me know love ya, Amy

*Overflowing* said...

There is nothing more exciting that greeting a family coming home with their children. It's truly an intimate privilege! So happy you got to be part of both those homecomings!

Perry's said...

I've so enjoyed reading your blog. We're adopting from China (3 1/2 years into our wait) and just got my first 147 million t-shirt. I'm sporting it every chance I can. Just a question...I get so many conflicting #'s about the orphan crisis...where did you get your info. on the number 147 million? We're trying to bring orphan awareness to our church and area...FBC Hendersonville. We're praying for you!

Andy, Charity, Noah, Heath and Elijah said...

Hey Gwen, just heard tonight about the orphan emphasis next week at Union's game. Will you or Suzanne get to be there? I saw Mollie asking people to sign up to help man tables. I'd love to work & help you guys. I found out another connection - my hubby works for Suzanne's brother. (Duh - it takes me a while sometimes. But I thought about it tonight seeing the pic of Grace (assuming Suzanne's daughter, she looks like Lauren to me.)
Get packing girl. You are so on the downhill now!!!!!

Terri said...

Love the updates, you have been one BUSY girl!!!

I am just so happy for you & I can not wait to follow your amazing journey to your precious babies!!!

How long do you have to stay there for it all to be finalized?