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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adoption Fundraising 101

I can't tell you how many emails I get about adoption fundraising, so I thought I would do a post and see if I can put all my thoughts into one place ... This will not be a quick or easy fix to hurdles of raising funds ... I do cling to a saying my husband uses - "GOD WILL FUND WHAT HE FAVORS!" ... And we know HE favors the LEAST OF THESE !!!

So here are a few bullet points that I hope will make your journey clear and encourage you  ...

1. Prepare your prayer life and be prepared to work really really HARD !!!

2. Do you believe what the scriptures say ?  We are all called to care for orphans, speak up for those with no voice, where your heart is there also lies your treasure, whatever you did for the least of these you did for ME  !!! And there are many more that call us to stand up for the FATHERLESS 

3. You need be to share your story and the journey you are on ... God calls us to be prepared to give a TESTIMONY of what He is doing in our life ... How can people come along side of you when they don't know where you are on your journey ... 

4. What are you talents ??? My husband is a coach and during our 2nd adoption he did a few special sports camps to raise money ... Use what God has gifted you w/ to raise funds ... 

5. Don't ever be embarrassed to write letters to any and all who you are in contact w/ about your adoption and the RANSOM needed to bring your children home ... I can not tell you the people who have come along side of us financially because that was their part in our journey  ... God called them to aid us and we are proud to say that they have a hand in bringing our children home and when they see Emily, Maggie, Joseph or Daisy at the gym playing, running around the yard, or at church they can know they are part of our legacy !!!

6. Katie has taught me about saying YES !!!  Her life has showed us how to live more radically for Christ ... How amazing and peaceful it is to be in the center of God's will ... I will be honest and say on a teacher's salary and 6 kids (4 adoptions, 2 special needs angels, and all the medical) it doesn't make sense on paper ... We have even had people ask us HOW, WHY, and SAY WE ARE CRAZY ... but I will also say that we have never missed a meal, a house payment, gone cold, or needed anything, so how crazy really are we ... WE HAVE ROOM AT OUR TABLE, WE HAVE ROOM IN OUR HEARTS, WE HAVE ROOM IN OUR HOUSE, WE HAVE ROOM IN THE CAR, WE HAVE ROOM IN OUR DAY ... so why wouldn't we !!!

7. WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP ??? cable (gave that up a year when bringing Maggie home), TIVO, texting, STARBUCKS, dinner out (gave this up for 3 months when raising funds for Joseph/Daisy), Target new shoes, Magazine habit (gave this up when raising funds for Joseph/Daisy), concession at the games, or stick to a strict grocery budget ... We have done all these at one time or another ... It is not a sacrifice when you think of the eternal blessing you will receive when holding your child !!! 

8. ACCEPTING HELP ... Katie Jo is a prime example of a selfless, gracious, and precious friend, who truly understands how precious it is to bring home a child and how hard that can be ... I can't tell you the amount of help she has been to me in raising funds, spreading the news about 147, and just down right getting in the dirt to get the job done ... She is an adoptive mom raising funds herself and yet, she has helped countless others do the same ... IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND WILLING TO HELP YOU, THEN LET THEM BECAUSE WE ARE THE BODY OF CHRIST NOT AN ISLAND !!!

9. check out the following for additional help ... LifeSong, Both Hands, and Show Hope 

10. Last but not least ... After creating my first tee to fundraise and God completely blessing my efforts, Suzanne and I created 147 Million Orphans with a 3 fold purpose - 1) Bring awareness to the Orphan Crisis, 2) Feed Children in Uganda in Katie's program, 3) HELP FAMILIES FUNDRAISE.  We know we have a great product ... We have sold to over 35 states in the United States along w/ British Columbia, Canada, Costa Rica, and Europe ... We have been and are helping over 15 families raise funds w/ all of our products (we are now offering the Ugandan Necklaces for fundraising efforts).  IT IS OUR HONOR AND PRIVILEGE TO WALK THIS JOURNEY WITH YOU ... I have been there ... I UNDERSTAND YOUR HEART ... We have worked out most of the kinks in the process and it seems to be running very smoothly ... We have moved all the gear back into our garages (Jan's to be exact ... She is a whole other post ...Angel sent to 147) ... We are mom's helping other mom's to bring home the children God has for them !!! 

Don't be afraid to SHOUT ... Tell the world your desire to see a LONELY PLACED IN A FAMILY! YOUR FAMILY !!!

You won't be alone ... God will send the troops !!!


Seriously, does it get any clearer ... EVERY ORPHAN in the world is saying PICK ME to love, PICK ME to pray for, PICK ME to feed, PICK ME to see, PICK ME to adopt !!! 

join the 147 team !!!

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Laurel said...

Great post!

Just wanted to say ...

we have been raising 13 children on a teacher's salary. And ... this year we just gave up the security of that good old teacher's salary, to live off a pastor's salary. And ... we were called to a church that just had 25 people when we first visited. So, this pastor's salary is only 1/2 of a teacher's salary. But ... we KNOW that God will still be faithful. He will still pay our bills. He will still provide for all of our needs.

(laughing here) We didn't have to give up cable, TIVO, Starbucks, new shoes, concession at the games ... because ... we never had them in the first place. :)

When God called us to adopt ... we had no idea how He would pay for it. But ... He chose to bring a new friend into our life who gave us $15,000. Wow! God is amazing!

mama of 13

Kristi J said...

awesome post!!! I want the tshirt...bring me one on want the other one that just came out too...I owe you money too for the other need to catch up :) kj

Kim said...

No other team I am prouder to below than this sisterhood with the common call to Glorify the Father while speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Miss you so!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...


Oh how I love you Gwen Oatsville!

One day God is going to bless me with meeting you in person!

Hugs and much love!
I'm leaving tomorrow for Ethiopia to bring Lilly home. I'm going alone and would covet your prayers!

Mrs. McGoo said...

I LOVE how we can make a difference one Tshirt, one change collection, one small donation at a time! My friend posted this quote today, "Don't do nothing just because you can't do everything" - the need is large, but praise God that He is BIGGER!!! We can make a difference! Thank you for all that you guys do!!!

*Overflowing* said...

Thank you for this encouragement and reminder. We have so far to go but have no doubt that God has called us to our sweet so and He will provide indeed. Hugs girl!! ~stacy

Polly said...

Thanks for the encouragement. We will be sending in our application in 3 months. With 7 kids already and one income from our family business that has taken a hit from the economy.... the LORD will have to provide. Can't wait to see what HIS plan is to get our baby home.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you so much Sister for posting this... for sharing your heart, your experience, your advice, your answered prayers.
Thank you for walking beside me the last 3 years bringing my Isabella home... for all of your prayers, your encouragement, your help. I am walking in the faith that Jesus is going to provide the RANSOM to bring my daughter home! (that is the right word you have stated for adoption fees- Ransom!)
I am praying for your babies too! I believe they will be home soon and that my Isabella is coming home this year too!
God's Speed,

3 Blessings said...

Love it and have found every bit of it to be true.

The Millers said...

Thanks for this post. I have one other idea that worked well for us..adopt from US Foster Care -- it's free. :) Thanks for all you do!

Terri said...

OMG Gwen, I got my new t-shirt "Chosen 1" today & it could not of come at a more perfect time. We got our call today that we were accepted & we can move forward for our "Chosen 1"!!!! YEAH!!!!

Thank you , I love it can't wait to wear it & show it off!!! Also, the necklace is a HUGE hit, everyone thinks it is so cool here in Indiana!!! GO COLTS!!!

Amy said...

Awesome, awesome post. Thank you for being a voice, thank you for being an example and thank you for walking along side others. Your family ROCKS!

Bethany said...

I'm going right now to order the new shirt. I LOVE IT!!! Great post by the way!

Anonymous said...

AMEN Gwen! Thanks for again sharing this. just today was encouraging someone at church and I am sending her to your blog now. Wonderfully said. Thanks Gwen!!!! Love to you!1 Lisa

Liesl said...

Wow, thanks so much for this post, Gwen! It was very timely. My husband and I have been feeling called to adoption, but that pesky "well, this just isn't practical in your situation right now" voice comes through. Or the question of "Is this God calling us to this, or just our own selfish desire because we want to be parents so badly?" We see God doing huge things in others' lives, but are struggling for the patience to see His plans for our family. With a husband who never even had adoption on his radar just 2 years ago, who now is completely passionate about adoption, I have already seen God's hand. This post helped me realize that we need to continue to pray and trust God that His plan is perfect. I'm sure I just rambled, but it's hard to put things into words these days. Just know that God used your post to speak to me today. I know that He has placed this desire in our hearts, and that He can do amazing things if we let Him.

Thanks again,

TanyaLea said...

Thank you SO much for this post. It is really helpful to those of us on that leg of our journey, trying to come up with the RANSOM to bring our children home. And to learn it from one who has done this many times before is greatly appreciated. I love your hubby's quote, "God will fund what He favors" ...that's SO true, and we are trusting He will open doors and provide the remaining funds needed before we travel in a couple of months (or less!) to bring our Khloe home! I want to do so much more. I want to continue this plight to bring home the orphans, even after our Khloe is home. I want to help others. And I know God has big things in store for our future ...I can truly feel some 'change' in the brewing, even outside of and beyond our adoption. Thanks for your blog. It is such a blessing to me and I only wish I had found it much earlier! Your family is a living testimony for Jesus, and you have done Him well! <><

Blessings and Hugs,
~ Tanya

connie said...

Gwen, I can only say AMEN! I mean, I could rant, but I'd be talking to the choir. Do you mind if I link or copy this post on my blog? You've said it so well!

I Support Adoptions said...

This post is an incredible resourcee for the adoption community! And entirely uplifting!
Thank you,