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Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Bye 2009 ... Tiger Woods, Kate Gosselin, Keeping Up With Kardashian, Twilight ... What is important to them?     


Ok, so you may ask "what is up with the title of this post" ... My heart lately has ached to reach people who don't necessarily have the same heart as I do for the orphans (and probably don't read my blog) or for people whose lives have gotten so busy they forgot to look deep into the eyes of THE LEAST OF THESE or maybe there is someone out in internet land truly searching for a way to see God ... I knew the names above would be among the top searched on the internet, so I gave it a shot that I might actually make a connection, shine a light, or kick someone in their butt to MAKE A DIFFERENCE, MAKE A CHANGE, AND GET MOVING IN THE DIRECTION THAT MATTERS !!! 

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young " Come to ME with a teachable spirit, eager to be changed... Give yourself fully to this adventure of increasing attentiveness to my presence." 

Jeremiah 29:13-14 "And you will see ME and find ME, when you search for ME with all your heart. I will be FOUND by you, says the Lord ..." 

In 2009 147 donated over the past 5 months enough funds to provide over 39,000 meals to the children of Uganda and we have helped over 10 families with their adoption fundraising efforts (we are working diligently to make this a smoother process) ... We are humbled by God's ability to use us ... Two moms just desiring to do our part !!!  

My Prayers 
I pray 2010 will bring many blessings to you all ... I pray it brings my children home from Uganda ... I pray it brings Maggie one step closer to physical healing and emotional healing ... I pray that my many friends who are waiting will see their children safely home also ... I pray for Cade's surgeries ... I pray for continued strength for Abe Alexander ...  I pray Amos home from Haiti ... I pray sweet Josie's meds will make her feel physically better ... I pray Nana continues to shine her light on our family ... I pray healing for family members whose lives have changed dramatically this past year ... I pray my family continues to be burdened for what burden's God's heart !!!

15 kind words.:

Jim and April said...

Yes! I agree! I have been praying that God would break my heart for what breaks His! Thanks for your post! Praying this is the year for many of us to bring our children home and for there to be less orphans! I want to do so much for the the least of these besides just adopting! God is stirring my heart more and more for them! That verse you posted from Jeremiah 29...has always been a very dear verse to my heart!

The Ferrill's said...

Happy New Year, sweet friend!
I am praying your babies home and sweet Maggie healed! Thank you for being a voice for so many!
Sending hugs....

The Funkhouser Family said...

so rightly stated! Happy New Year! So thankfull their are people like you doing what you do best! Thanks and many blesings!

The Siler Family said...

Happy New Year!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy New Year Gwen! You are in my prayers dear friend. I have been praying for your two little ones and Maggie too.

Tothblog said...

You are such an inspiration. I pray your children will come home soon.


Chrissy said...

It's going to be an amazing year... I just know it.
I know what you mean though... I watch TV some nights and just think "wow - with all of this money, influence, status... someone could really make a major difference in the world. Or just keep on thinking of themselves."

Jaime And Drew said...

I following your blog and must admit the title had me confused for a second but it is a good idea! Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. Our adoption was final Dec 21st we will be in Ethiopia in a few weeks bringing our son home. Praise God!!


sunny-d said...

Brilliant idea! :) Holy-Spirit inspired brain usage...just like the authors of the book of amazing mystery...the Bible!!

Cindy said...

I LOVE this post...particularly the title. That's so great! :)

May God continue to use you to shine everywhere you go!

Over-Caffeinated X 4 said...

And I pray that God blesses our friendship even deeper than it already is. I love you sister!

JulieM said...

Hi Gwen I have some questions about some shirts. I can't find your e-mail on your blog. I had sent an email to one of the other ones a couple weeks ago that were listed by 147 million orphans but hadn't heard anything. If you could let me know your e-mail that would be wonderful!
Julie McDonald

Teresa said...

Love the approach! I am always so inspired by your blog and look forward to every post! Praying that 2010 is the year that brings home a record # of precious little ones to forever families!
We're currently waiting to bring our little boy home from Ghana. He is #5 for us....we are SO blessed!
Happy New Year Gwen! God bless!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Just had to tell you, Dear Sister, that Josie-Tatum is praying everyday for you to soon get the call that you can bring Joseph and Daisy home.
I love, love, love her child-like faith and her heart for orphans.

Many prayers,

Mrs. McGoo said...

Gwen, I loved hearing some of the tangible numbers in regards to how your 147 mission is making a difference, one orphan at a time! It's so encouraging to see those numbers and know the HOPE that you guys are sharing! God is doing a work on me regarding the orphan crisis and caring for the LEAST OF THESE!

Many blessings for 2010!