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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Glimpse of Joy ...

Please go and read Suzanne's post ... To be able to see so many children that will be going home soon is something that will truly be a moment Suzanne will never forget ... To look into the faces of children who have been orphans and tell them YOU ARE GOING HOME ... Isn't that what Christ wants to do for each lost soul .... He looks into our hearts and says you don't have to be lonely, sad, forgotten, or cast aside ... You simply need to take MY hand and you can go home !!! Oh, Joseph and Daisy, your family loves you so much !!!

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Eight Isn't Enough said...

Just stopping by to say Hi. I have read you previous posts but life has beenso crazy that there seems to be no time for blogging or "commenting". But the house is still asleep so I will "make time":-)

I loved your post about being jealous. It made me smile because I don't think you have a jealous bone in your body...(not that I know you at all, but through your blog I mean. Anyway, I sometimes thing we forget that we are human and a mama's heart is a complicated thing. I wish there was a word other than jealous that kind of meant the same thing but in a "good way"....I often feel "jealous" but not really, I'm excited about something happening in someone's life but also wishing it for myself. For example: I feel jealous that you and Suzanne are adopting and we are not. It's not a bad thing because my heart is not thinking badly. I'm SOOOO excited for you and I know you will be with your children SOON...but also wishing in my soul that I was there as well...even just beginning the adoption process would be enough for me. So I guess everything comes down to the heart....and I do know how you are feeling about everyone loving on your children...and even though you are so very grateful, you cry out to God that He let it be you and very soon.

Emotions are given to us by God and emotions of a mother wanting to be with her children is so real, that it's almost not explainable. Know that I will continue to be praying that the phone rings "now", and I will be reading YOUR updates from Uganda.

God Bless you and your family richly this day!

Abbie said...




carolinagirl said...

we are in st petersburg now for court. i love your words about going home. i will cling to that as we head to court for the judge to make her decision for us to become emma's parents. please say a prayer for smooth sailing from here on out. so anxious to bring emma home!

Jewels of My Heart said...

The only words that truly seem to say what needs to be said is...
"Thank You Jesus!"
God's Speed....

Diane said...

I'm thinking, after reading Suzanne's post instructed by Mrs. Gwen....that even if Suzanne had not written one word....but, showed this, it would speak for all of us! Look at the smiles on all those who are smiling!! Look at Suzanne....she is literally is the sweet young girl in pink!!! WOW!!!! Thankful to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at this very moment and the many moments He will allow to follow!

Thank you, Gwen, and Suzanne, for sharing with so many people the true Treasures that await us when we find Jesus where He tells us He is waiting!!

It is my family's joy to pray for all of you who are truly on this Journey!! Love you all!

KT said...

so happy to see you have your girl!
will be waiting by the computer to see your updates!
Happy Gotcha Day:)
Enjoy your Africa time.

The Ferrill's said...

Gwen your heart must be bursting! I am sure that having Suzanne love on your babies makes this wait a little more bearable! I know exactly how you feel about having people there to love on your children until you can travel...we are in the same boat. And it is a BLESSED boat to be in for sure!
Praying for you!!!!!!

Mom 2 six said...

I am so excited for you !

James 1:27 Family said...

So excited for you and my heart goes out to you in this time of waiting. I know every second must just be ticking by so slowly. I pray for God's perfect timing for your family (but is it too much to ask for it to be God's speedy timing??? - I'm just wondering. :) )

We officially put our application in with Amani. Thank you for encouraging us to do so. If it's God's will, we will be in your shoes soon. I can FEEL my child somewhere... I'm asking God to hold him/her extra tight each day, as I'm sure you are too.

A nice friend at church told me something very wise as I was lamenting about the conditions where our future child is now... She said, "Don't you know that God loves that child more than you ever can? He is holding all of His children now and forever." It made me remember that all of our sweet little ones are not really "ours" but His and He bestows honor on us to allow us to raise them.

My heart and prayers are with you during this tender time. Can't wait to see God's story for Joseph and Daisy unfold.

Love in Jesus,

Kari said...

Oh WOW!!! The pic says a million words... we can't wait to see Joseph and Daisy in your arms!!