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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

God is God NO MATTER WHAT ...

Tread with me won't you into some muddy waters ... This post my be a bit foggy and I don't have time to really finish it nor is my heart done pondering it ....

God is God NO MATTER WHAT ....

Even if I lose my house
Even with children dying of starvation
Even with 3500 homeless people just 10 minutes down the road from me
When I lose my job
When my only car dies
When my parents are sick
When a mother with AIDS gives it to her children
When children become sex slaves
When there is no food in the cupboard
When my child dies
When I lose your way in life
When I have no money
When I live in a dirt hut
When I have no family
When I have no earthly name
When I can't see tomorrow
When the phone doesn't ring
When that someone doesn't love me
When my spouse leaves
When my children leave
When there is no insurance
When there is no water
When I am blind
When I am lame
When I am dying

I could go on and on, but since our sermon the past Sunday, I have let God out of the box I put Him that makes me feel comfortable and safe ... There is suffering and THERE IS GOD, so what does that mean for me ??? It means I have to learn to need only God !!! Wow, now some of you may be like, well of course that is it you silly woman, but even though I know THAT I am not sure I live like THAT ... I honestly have never imagined myself in the full emotions of being homeless, hungry, deathly sick, and can't imagine living a life of real suffering that many people in this world live ... I have to stop here, because that is as far as I have gotten on how to process this ... I will let you know how God reveals Himself to me as I process .... GOD IS GOD NO MATTER WHAT

We had two great day of sales with our new orphan awareness product and probably made enough to feed a few children for year ... I am overwhelmed with the response and how this ministry can impact so many children in Africa and help families here adopt ... God use us !!! Site is almost done ... check out the progress at

20 kind words.:

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Love you! Love the new site!

Love your heart!

Love our precious JESUS who is enough today, tomorrow and forever more!

HUGS Gwen!

Lindsey said...

Gwen-Thank you for your courage to share and Congrats on allowing Jesus to move your heart in caring for those who need it. May we all learn from your courage. And WAHOO on the website! Love it and will help in any way we can.

Jenn in GA said...

woman, i love that you are unedited and raw and real! this is a lot to grapple with, and i don't think you're alone in not having it figured out.

God is not safe, but He is in control, even when it doesn't make sense to us. the view from the ground isn't always the clearest...

lovin' journeying with you! keep seeking and stretching yourself to take in more of who He is.

congrats on the success of the sale at the Y. am waiting--standing on my left ear, to coin a family phrase--to see pictures of the other merchandise! can't wait for fall for the long sleeved tees!

btw, do you need more gift cards?

Michelle said...

I can't wait to hear more!!

p.s. I just got my 147 million orphans t-shirt in the mail today. I LOVE it!!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to hear more!!

p.s. I just got my 147 million orphans t-shirt in the mail today. I LOVE it!!

Sara said...

Wow, some real deep thinkin in that post .. and you are right IN IT ALL .... GOD IS GOD! hmmmmmm don't even have words .... I just know it's true

Tracy said...

amen! nothing is apart from His sovereignty! thank goodness---- which makes it all the more real that He is the lost orphan! so cool it makes my head explode!!

love you sister---- nash's super cool bag is packed and ready to go!

The Ferrill's said...

Yes, Gwen...I think when you said "THERE IS GOD"...that sums it up. THERE IS GOD: always, forever, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, sovereign, unchanging, steady...our anchor.
Though the world shakes around us, THERE IS GOD!
I LOVE THE SHIRTS!!!!! Got 'em today and we felt like it was Christmas at the Ferrill's. Paper ripping, kids squealing, lots of fun! We even got Kevin one, God love him!
Love you friend!

David and Amy said...

Thanks for sharing this! Feel like I am SO far from knowing and truly experiencing who God truly is. To be honest, I'm fearful of experiencing the full glory of God, ya know?

Anonymous said...

Your new products look great and so does the website. Goodluck with it all. God Bless

Nikki said...

Our sermon last Sunday touched on the same thing...remembering who God is ALL THE TIME, rather than being moved by our current situation in life.
Always love to come check in on you, my friend. Man, do i ever MISS YOU.

Anonymous said...

This is a really good post. It brought tears to my eyes!

Take care, Sherri

Shelly and Family said...

how true it all is...

Thank you for sharing...and God Bless you all

Kelly said...

Thank you God for being God no matter what...or I'd be in bunches of trouble. I don't know why He is ... or why I was born here...why I have enough...why my heart aches for "the least"...or what I'm gonna do about it. He's gonna be God no matter what I do... but am I gonna be Jesus to someone today? Thanks for your words....


Abbie said...



Eight Isn't Enough said...

Once again Gwen you have brought tears to my eyes and many AMEN's. I look forward to reading more about how God is revealing things to you.

Kim said...

Love your obedience to Him...Love your heart for these babies...Love your encouragement to us...Love you!

Jeanine said...

You are so what we know to be true is the hard part. It is a work in progress as He slow chips away the junk we think we need so we will be satisfied with only Him and use what He gives us for His glory.

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

You amaze me, girl!
I've been so busy since our mission trip to South Africa, then returning to work only 5 days later. Then, two of my big kids moved out to go to college. I've been sad, a part of me is gone, but God is God!!
And, I am excited about the new work we can be a part of in South Africa.
And, I am excited about your new work!
God is God!

mommy24treasures said...

wow Gwen, so glad to hear what the Lord is doing!!!!
I m off now to visit your new temp. site.