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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tell Me Something New ...

I miss my bloggy family ... I haven't had any time to check in on you the past couple of weeks and I miss knowing what is going on with you ... And now Maggie has a fever/chest congestion, which makes for a very clingly little girl, I am trying to help group going to Uganda prepare with Amazima stuff, and stuffing envelopes of t-shirts (Praise the Lord for bringing the money for my my sweet Abigail/Joseph). WWWHHHHEEEEWWWW !!! So help me out by leaving a comment about what is going on in your life, your blog, your adoption, your family, your state, etc ... This will bless me more than you know ... Love You Guys ... Let's adventure life together
Miss Ya ...

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blessedmomto7 said...

Lets see..A CHANCE TO VENT-sure I'll take it :) Well, it was 81 in Kansas yesterday. My main goal is my 2 children waiting in Ethiopia which God has convinced me and my other children but not my husband yet-been in fervent prayer over this! He gets home tonight from work (gone a week) and I am sure he will love the messages we have left for him outside with our sidewalk chalk about adding to our family :) The oldest just got out of a 3 day stay in the hospital with a bad case of mono and is now back home until she recuperates. I am making one of my favorites-Poppyseed Chicken for dinner in hopes to sway the man-AND I'm having a blog giveaway that ends tonight at 11pm! Was that a good update considering we don't know each other ;) HUGS and prayers for your sweet ones!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

So sorry to hear about Maggie...
You will have your money for your babies soon..
Your blanket is on it's way here.. then I will get it out to you for the kids..they will be here soon..
As for me..well I have been working on Kimberley's baby blogger shower for Sophia Jane.. I am sooo excited.. that is where I first met you .. and now I get to host HERS..yea..
All is well here in Sunny AZ. kids are getting ready to lifeguard..
Love ya girly..

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

hey girl.....

Don't know how you do it. If I were there I would stuff envelopes with you, and take the opportunity to mooch off those wonderful meals that are being brought your way!

let me know sometime this weekend what time works, and we will chat. I will have my thinkin' cap on... can't wait to see what God has planned!!

hugs to you dear friend!


Teresa said...

I've written up a business proposal for the company you and I spoke about and I am prayerfully awaiting a signed non-disclosure agreement from them. I hope to meet with them in a few weeks! I would really appreciate your prayers.

You are an amazing woman!

Laurel said...

Life is still COLD up here in Washington, with more snow predicted for this weekend. Brrr...

Today we are celebrating my dear hubby's birthday, and I just made him a deep dish apple/blueberry pie (he is not a cake man). I often get asked, as you, "How do you do it?" My answer ... everything in our family is teamwork. My husband is the most amazing life partner I could ever have dreamed of. We've been married 26 years, and look forward to the next 50 together.

Today, we are thankful that my daughter in Bangladesh is safe. She is supposed to travel back to India in a few hours (after the borders being closed this week due to a mutiny between border guards and the military). It is not fun to have a child ministering in a country that is on the verge of a civil war. So, today we thank the Lord for his protection.

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!!!

mama of 13

redmaryjanes said...

I hope Maggie is feeling better soon. I've had some weird flu chest congestion thing too.
Ummm...what's new in my life???? I HAVE A BABY GIRL ON THE WAY!! Woo Hoo! Yeah baby! Bring on the pink!!

Kim K. said...

We're getting ready to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of becoming a family of four. We're taking the girls on a mystery trip next Friday. The girls don't know where we are going, but they do know they will be allowed to bring swimwear.

It was confirmed at Josie's last cardiologist appt that she will need her valve replaced (drat another surgery) but it's a few years out. We continue to praise God for all her continued milestones and the miracle of modern medicine.

Please know that Maggie continues to be in my daily prayers.

Terry said...

Found our this week that Asher is offical ours!!! wooohooo! but we still have months to go before we can bring him home...praying for spring though....

Praying that the Lord strengthens sweet Maggie and heals....

Anonymous said...

Gwen...I feel for your little one..As for me, I'm going to forward your blog onto some folks...that's what I'm doing :)

Jenn said...

Praying that Maggie is on the mend!

Job searching has been a huge part of the last several months as I've started to do therapy again. Also trying to figure out a new school combo homeschool game plan for Yan. In very happy news...Yan can now write "O", "A" and "T"...I think she's trying to spell your name!


Jenny said...

Gwen, I just happened upon your blog one day, and it's so uplifting! :) God shines in every word! I am a CPA mom, and so I've naturally been consumed with basketball galore lately! My daughter and her husband are trying for a baby (yey), and my middle son is on a short-term mission trip in Africa right now. My youngest is a freshman in high school, and I'm feeling old tonight. :( As my father always said, may the Lord always give you exactly what He wants today. :)

Tymm said...

Meron is growing up - too fast! But life is ridiculously great - God has been abundantly good to us.

The economy has hit us - i'm out of work and searching - but we know God will provide like He always does.

And we have begun the paperwork to head back to Ethiopia!

Hope Maggie feels better soon - God bless you for all the amazing things you do in His name...

Kristin said...

My days? Crazy at best. My family? Wonderful----even when they drive me insane. :-)

I am sitting here getting caught up on my blog reading (I am behind too) wearing your shirt. Your babies will be with you soon, I'm sure.

I hope Miss Maggie feels better soon. Poor thing.

Michelle said...

Hi Gwen,
So glad to hear your shirts are selling like hotcakes! Yeah, God!! On the other hand, I'm so sorry to hear that Maggie isn't feeling well. Enjoy all of her clingy-ness now because one day she'll be a teen. Enough said. :)

We're logged in! LID 2/25/09. Hoping to travel this summer.

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

I'm sorry to hear that Maggie is now sick Gwen. I will be praying for her and all of you to get well and the rest needed to stay strong!

Our family is being blessed by a warm frong coming in this weekend! We are hoping to finally clean out our garage and begin preparing the property for spring.

We are praising God for the many blessings in our lives despite the economy! We are praying for direction for our family. We are praying for the many ministries we support and how we can better meet the growing needs of the millions of children around the world!

Thinking of you!

Glad to hear your t-shirts are selling and bringing in the funds for the adoption of your blessings waiting for you!

Kelly said...

Hello friend. I have sent EVERYTHING to Gladney, and they have to re-do a couple of their documents. All the stuff from our end is good :o) Hopefully by the end of next week, our stuff will officially be on it's way to Colombia. :o)

I started talking to someone from church who is about to start their paperwork for Colombia via Gladney. It's really cool to be able to help someone else w/info.

Tim & I are doing great. I love having him around. I will be sad when he does get a job.

Seth recently lost his 1st tooth, by way of the dentist :o( His adult tooth grew in before his baby tooth fell out. They suggested it be pulled--He was a champ about it.

The same day, Coy came down w/strep. He was pretty sick for 2 days, but he's better now.

Lourdes is doing great. She is one of 7 in the Junior class at Smyrna w/a 4.0--makes a mama proud, even if I don't really have anything to do w/it :oP

Hope Maggie is feeling better soon. I pray for her daily.

Love you girl.

Inga said...

Thank you, I received my teeshirt today and it is WONDERFUL!!!!! I love the shirt and think you should do short sleeve as well. I cannot wait to wear it and see what response I get. My prayers go out to little maggie that she will get to feeling better soon.

Anita said...

Hey there sweet friend....first off...I'm so sorry Maggie's not feeling well and praying she gets over this quickly! AWESOME news about the t-shirts flying out the door (WOOHOO is right!). And I invited a bunch of friends on FB and the blog to join Amazima and have added another 12 or 13 so far and sharing it with others locally. Just too cool to watch God at work with Katie and the ministry...meeting needs of those precious children.

About us...haven't even had time to type up the latest update...just had our annual fundraising banquet last night for the CPC of which my hubby is Exec. Dir and raised over $50,000!! Praise God! Oh and our latest family news involves our sweet daughter, Jennifer, and her EARLY graduation as a 16 yr old...she was a junior this yr until about 2 weeks ago and is now graduating as a full Sr. in 3 months! WHOA!! She's already been accepted to college for nursing (all on the blog). That news is enough to spin any momma's brain. BUT we are so excited for her and proud of her too!

Think that's about enough of an update for now for ya...Reader's Digest version...LOL!!

Love ya!

April said...

The M&M's are doing great, they played in snow last weekend, and this weekend it will be almost 80 here, LOL, love the southern weather...Maribel said her first out loud prayer this week, praying out loud thanking Jesus, so sweet Gwen, she was praying for Abby Riggs...We are excited about getting our sponsored student from Uganda, we also are praying for God to lead us in whatever capacity that is for the orphans in the world, as we also pray for our 3rd child...thinking of you and miss you too sister friend..take care..

April said...

The M&M's are doing great, they played in snow last weekend, and this weekend it will be almost 80 here, LOL, love the southern weather...Maribel said her first out loud prayer this week, praying out loud thanking Jesus, so sweet Gwen, she was praying for Abby Riggs...We are excited about getting our sponsored student from Uganda, we also are praying for God to lead us in whatever capacity that is for the orphans in the world, as we also pray for our 3rd child...thinking of you and miss you too sister friend..take care..

Mommy said...

So sorry to hear about Maggie. Hope she's feeling better soon. How is she doing with everything? We got our LID this week...1/19/09! Still waiting for our WC referral. Hopefully soon. Keep us updated when you can. Take care and we're praying for you and your family.


~verna said...

Well, let's see. Erin goofed up last week and ended up grounded for her spring break, making her have to tell all her friends that she was going to drive to CO (to see Carrie) exactly why she couldn't go. Then, I got to help some friends decide to try for a daughter. Then Mya had Pre-K screening and I missed church, again :( . Then Noah had his first of what will probably be 3 psych evals through the Int'l adoption clinic. Today we are home, just enjoying being in the same place at once--kids cleaned their rooms (including Erin), Keith changed oil in the cars and I did some vacuuming! Yee Haw! Feels good just to see everyone's faces on the same day!

Wife of the Pres. said...

I'm trying to wrap my mind and heart about my sweet girl's surgery on Monday. Same doctor, same place as your sweet Maggie!!! PRAYERS WELCOME!!! I know this cleft surgery is for the best but I will MISS her sweet smile the way God created it! Tough stuff.

Hope Miss Maggie is feeling better very soon!

Nancy said...

Ah, Gwen! Praying for sweet Maggie! I have NO idea how I came upon your blog...that's the way it is with MOST of the blogs I follow! Who knows? But I was amazed to read your mention of Katie...and thought "That can't be MY Katie, can it?" Which is pretty funny, really, as I have never MET Katie! But somehow I found HER blog, and was blown away, just totally blown away. She has inspired and challenged me, this "child" who could be my granddaughter (although I will deny that, as I tell everyone I am MUCH too young to be a grandmother...mostly when they say to me and my daughter, who is 12, "Oh, how nice, grandma is taking you shopping today!"...argh!) Granted, I was just short of 46 when they put ShaoXi in my arms in Changsha, but how NICE (not!) of folks to point this out! HA!!!!

Anyhow...while I am a struggling single mom who has lost her "real" job, and is doing the best to make ends meet, I absolutely had to send a few dollars to Katie awhile back! Wish it could have been SOOO much more. What an amazing, loving, woman she is...if I can raise my daughter to be at all like her, I will be so blessed!

Nothing much doing around here...nice and warm in New England this weekend! The foot of snow is pretty much gone, all in 24 hours...YAY!!!! I am SO done with winter!

Hugs and loves and prayers...
Nancy (blessed mama to ShaoXi, adopted at 14.5 mos, now 12.5 years!)

Kristi J said...

Life is good here in Brentwood, one mile down the road from you, ha.....missed you today...kristi

Katie said...

Well, we have all been dealing with sickness too. I have a sweet card to send to Maggie but, haven't gotten to it, yet. (btw, need your address again, computer crashed and lost emails) Anyway, we took the Youth to the Youth Evang. Conference and that was awesome! Some the youth were saved! PTL. We are praying for a travel family from China who's husband was cut on his leg with a skill saw. He is doing much better, oh, and they also received a referral 2 wks later for their son from Ethiopia...what else...oh, we are about to have some major changes in our family and will be tightening up a bit more around here. I do hope to get that card in the mail. Sophie says she'd like to come see Emily and Maggie sometime soon. Love you O family

Christie said...

Ooooh, thanks to my gal pal over at Isabella's Mommy, I'm so gonna have to add you to my bloglines...loving the t-shirt, the passion for adoption, and the "spread the word" mentality! LOVE IT!

So excited to see you bring home your two Ethiopia babies - if you need any tips, holla!


Mommy Spice said...

I haven't been able to visit blogs much either. Just thought I'd check in on you. Our family is just working hard at our Auntie Anne's shop making pretzels. You sound super busy! Hope your Maggie gets well quickly.

Jeanne said...

Hey sweet friend!
Missing you, too! It seems forever now since we've last talked. I'm keeping up with you, though....thank the sweet Lord for blogs and technology. What AM I going to do without immediate access in Africa?

Speaking of....we close on our house March 19th...leave to take some stuff to Georgia for a crate on March to a much-needed and long-awaited family vacation on March 28th...back to Georgia April 5th to spend a few days with Olivia and Ross in their brand new (to them) house...back to Smyrna around April 8th and then off to Virginia on April 19th for our 8-week training that starts the next day....commissioning service will be June 17th (I think) back to TN June 18th...and leave for West Africa around the first of July. WHEW! Does that make you as tired reading it as it does me writing it?

Love ya! Praying for you and your sweet angels....all of them.

andrea said...

hope maggie is doing!
things are good here!
i do have a prayer request for you my 21 year old nephew is leaving for basic training for the Air Force today!!
so proud of him but its still scary:)
love to you and yours!

Diane said...

K, from 1 busy Mama to another:) this is why I L O V E twitter!!! It gives you snippets, little morsels of what peeps r up 2!!! Check it out, while Maggie girl is sleeping, okay, well, since the child rarely sleeps, check it out while in the bathroom:)!!! You can stuff envelopes and write/read tweets. U will L O V E it 2!!

Joelswife said...

Poor Maggie....hope she is feeling a bit better by today! So excited you are selling your shirts....can't wait to see Abigail and Joseph at home.
We are waiting for the phone call that will bring another child into our home....and hoping it will come sooner than later!

Jennifer K. said...

Hi Gwen,

I've been reading your blog from Minnesota for so long now and have never commented. That sweet little Maggie just touches me so much...what a trooper! My husband and I are researching adoption and your blog along with so many others inspire me! We have 3 bio much-loved kiddos, but feel so ready to add more! Thank you for keeping us posted on Maggie's progress. Praying that she feels great soon!

Jennifer K.

p.s. Weather in Minnesota?? Don't ask!! :)

Kathi said...

Well, this Friday will be six months since my mom passed; still kind of struggling with that, but it is getting easier as time passes...and about two and a half weeks ago, we put my dad in an assisted living facility due to having Alzheimer's... which is hard in itself; but I know that God's watching over all of us and helping us along in our journey; I also know that Mom is looking down on us also and knows how well we're doing

Also starting a family blog with a cousin in Chicago; that hasn't gotten too far off the ground yet, but I'm hoping as soon as my cousin has the time, he and I will get it going