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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday to Jeremiah ... My Heart !!!

Well I have posted many things about my special 1st Child ... I have told you about his birth, his amazing heart for his brother and sisters, his growing relationship with the Lord, and how I love him as my son ... I thought this year I would tell you what a fabulous FRIEND I think he is ... Jeremiah is the boy who walks into a room and instantly makes the room brighter with his outgoing personality, funny sense of humor, and relaxed nature ... He is always cautious to make sure that no one is feeling left out and is quick to point out some one's strengths and not their weakness ... He is a loyal friend and will defend what is right ... Scripture tells us that there will be friends that "stick closer than a brother." ... I think Jeremiah is blessed to have many special friends in his life and I am especially thankful for Michael ... Michael and Jeremiah have a love for the Lord, family, and each other ... They are like brothers and we challenge them to look out for each other, hold each other accountable, and to always put Christ first ... Jeremiah, we love you and all that teach us in how to be a friend ... Happy 11th birthday !!! We are honored to be your parents !!!!


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The Ferrill's said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah! You and my Colby have birthdays just a couple of weeks apart! He will be 11 too! I bet the two of you would be big buds if we lived closer! ;)

Gwen...I'm putting in another t-shirt order!!!!!!!!! I'll be emailing you...we're wearing our shirts to church tonight! Can't wait to tell everyone where to get theirs! ;) Gonna have to get me a necklace too!

Happy Day, Jeremiah! You are one special guy...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 11 Birthday Jeremiah....
You are an AMAZING little boy..
But you have an AMAZING family..
Have a great day..
Love your shirts.. am I going to want one of those unisex shirts also.???
Have a great week..

emily said...

Hey buddy, thank you for all the prayers for me. For thinking about me when you pass by the red tree, for rooting for Texas Tech (even though you aren't a fan) and for knowing that God is big and can and will work a miracle in me! I can't wait to meet you one day.

Hope you have an awesome birthday! :)

I love you,

Kim K. said...

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah! What a great post. If I could pick Emma's future husband, he sounds pretty darn sweet.

PS. She turns 11 in May and would be so embarrassed if she knew I posted this. hee hee.

anna said...

Happy Birthday Dude!! I have loved being able to be a big part of your life. I have loved watching you grow up to be a little man. AND I have loved beating you at gotcha most of the time because I know in a couple of years I won't be able to beat you. You are an amazing athlete and I can't wait to see you keep developing into a great basketball player. Always remember who gave you your amazing gifts and always put Him first. You are such a great friend and such a GREAT big brother. I love you so much!!!


Kristi J said...

happy birthday to your good lookin boy...he is a sweet heart :) kj

redmaryjanes said...

You have a fine son Gwen. Happy Birthday young man, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Leigh Ann said...

Happy Birthday! We Love You! Hope you got your card on time.

When are you guys on spring break - my crew is on break this week and I am home on Leave - it would be great to get together.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!
What a beautiful tribute to your special young man.
And so handsome too!
Have a wonderful celebration!

carlee Brian said...

man, i cannot believe you are 11!! i remember holding you when you were 4 hours old.. i remember loving you, keeping you, changing your diapers, watching you as your parents left you for the first time,watching you learn how to swim-thanks to your dad..i remember all the shirts i has to throw away due to you spitting up on me all the time.. dude, what was up with that? i loved you as my own and still do. i remember chris and i taking you to mcdonalds and you calling your fries-"snakes" you were so cute.. you literally have become such an encourager to me watching you love cade through his all his procedures.. i love you and love what you have become!! happy birthday!

Kelly said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jeremiah :o)

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah! And may I say that picture of you and your sister just about melted my heart!! What an amazing big brother you are!!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah, you sound like such a great kid. I hope you know how much god loves you and how proud of you he is. Gwen we seem to parent alot alike, Astrud's two friends Emily and Jena are all Sisters in Christ. Actually just here recently Astrud has brought them both to Christ and this weekend we are having a True Love Waits ceremony and they are all involved. We are so proud of Astrud because we can't say that we brought anyone to Christ at 16 years old. Your Jeremiah has a true heart for god, you can tell by the things you say about him, and that is a reflection on you and your husband. You two are great parents and witnesses for God.

Love, Kristy

Mom Of Many said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!! You share a birthday with a very special friends of ours...great day!!

May God richly bless you and may you make wise choices as you "lead the pack"!

Diane said...

I remember Jeremiah turning 10!!! These days are flying!! Birthday hugs to Jeremiah and his Team!!! :)

Kathi said...

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah. My goodness, how time flies! I still remember when your mom and dad told us all (at their going away party, when Uncle Paul and Aunt Leigh Ann lived in military housing here) that "they" were pregnant with you; you truly are an instrument of God's love

Shawnstribe said...

Happy Birthday Jeremiah!!!!
May God bless you with so much Joy
((((hugs)))) from us in England : )
ps Gwen hes moved my mountain, we have a social worker, thank you for your prayers