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Thursday, March 12, 2009

All In A Day For The Lord ...

(permission granted for use of Katie's pictures)
So I woke this morning a little sad ... You see Suzanne, Anna, and some others are on their way to see Katie in Uganda ... I wanted so desperately to go with them and to hug Katie, see her kids, look the kids in the Amazima program in the eyes and tell them "WE SEE YOU AND WE CARE", and to just see all that God has in Uganda ... But it is not my time to go, it is my time to WAIT ... Financially we are saving to bring Abigail and Joseph home and it would not have been a good steward of our resources to go and I knew that in my head, but my heart was sad ... So what does God do ?? He shows me He cares about my feelings and has my sweet sweet friend Tina call and say, "Hey, God gave me a song this morning about WAITING and it makes me think of you (and another friend Jeanne)and all the waiting you have done lately, can I sing it to you?" ... I of course say yes, because Tina has the voice of like 20 angels and she just always blesses me .. As she begins to sing, I begin weeping on the phone and feeling covered in the Father's love ... He does understand me so well and He cares about my sad heart today and He wants me to know our time will come to go to Uganda when we bring home our kids ... I will see Katie then, I will look into the eyes of the children then and say "I see you and care." I will do so much more then because of my WAITING NOW ... Tina said we are constantly in a state of Waiting or Watching ... I pray people watch me WAIT well !!!

Now as for the group heading to Uganda ... We have been in prayer the last hour since their flight was cancelled and they were told that they would have to wait till tomorrow or Saturday to leave ... BUT NO, God stepped in and they were re-routed on a plane that only had 8 seats left (you got it ... exactly 8 people in this group) ... Suzanne was just praising the Father in her textes to me ... You can follow this group while they are in Uganda by going to

Plus a little sidenote of miracles ... Maggie (for the first time ever) fell asleep at 8:15 last night and slept till 9:00 this morning PEACEFULLY ... You guys keep those prayers coming ... Sleep is still such an issue for my princess (and me ) ...

Father, I praise you !!!!

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Diane said...

What??? This is a really "BIG" day!!!! 8 seats...only God!!! I'm thinking big Miracles thru this journey! YES!!!

And...what we devoted blog readers want to know is since Maggie slept so about her Mama? Did u sleep, 2?

Yikes, Katie's blog, Suzanne's, your blog, 2. How will I keep up on all these blogs? Thanks for sharing so much of God's gracious provision for His Kids, Gwen. He loves us so much, sometimes, I wonder do we even begin 2 know just how much!!!!

Hug sleeping Beauty 4 me:)

Tina said...

I am so glad Maggie slept deserve the Xtra rest! You amaze me!

emily said...

Of course there were 8 seats left--- He so loves to show us His sense of humor and how He delights when we surrender all to Him.

Your time will come and you will behold these 2 miracles that He has waiting for you there.

What was the song?

jennifer said...

You are so awesome! I will be waiting with you for your wait to be over.

Yay!!! Sleep!!! That is AWESOME!!!

Jewels of My Heart said...

Oh, how I understand.... I am proud of you for resting in God's timing and His plan. It is so hard to stay home when your heart yearns to serve in the field.... but often the Lord brings the mission field to us!
Thank You Jesus for the exact number of seats on the flight all to Your glory and for little Maggie sleeping through the night peacefully.....
God bless you my friend.

Kristy said...

Oh what a sweet God we have. I love hearing stories of when he is SO present and with the 8 seats and all, you just feel him dont you!!!! I am so glad Maggie is sleeping peacefully, what a special baby. As always Gwen you are so dear to me.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, my heart so understands the waiting on the LORD. I feel so strongly about going on a mission trip with only 6 years old, she wants to help orphans and wants to go somewhere to help them.
Knowing when and where is the difficult part.

And, praise the LORD for sleep. Josie-Tatum had sleep issues for months and months. I know how tired a body is when there is never a solid night's rest.


Jeanne said...

We wait together, sweet friend, hoping and trusting in His plan. Can't wait to see how He keeps weaving our stories together. Love you!