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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Referrals, Crazy Love, Katie, T-shirts, and My Valentine

I will start this post w/ a big ole TN "Oh Yeah Sista" ... Two friends got their referrals this week from Ethiopia and their daughters are just amazing ... Amy and Kristy congrats and Praise the Lord ... Your daughters are beautiful !!!!

Now to the book review ... I am still not quite finished w/ the book CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan and I am only not done because I have to put the book down each night and let God prune me, mold me, change me, and open my eyes to His path for my life ... It is an amazing book (get past the 1st chapter) that will cause you to see scripture in action ... I will actually revert back to 3rd grade and DARE YOU to read it ...

As always there is not a week complete in the Oatsvall house w/out a Katie moment ... Volunteering for Amazima Ministries while Katie is back in Uganda is beyond rewarding ... I feel blessed that God choose me (and Suzanne) to come along side Katie and be part of her team, her family, her ministry, and her heart ... She is truly leading a life lead by FAITH ... I think of her so often during my day and wonder how I can help more, how can I make a difference here for her in Uganda, and that the Lord would continue to bless her work there ... Please check out her blog if you haven't and I promise you will see God in action through this young woman ... LUFFA YOU KATIE !!!

T-SHIRTS ... You are beyond stepping up to help the Oatsvall Family bring home Abigail and Joseph ... We have sold over 100 of the 244 shirts ... Thanks for putting my badge on your blog and thanks for walking w/ us ... I am out of med/xl at the moment, but will get them Friday and will ship them out Mon/Tues ... I have worn mine almost everyday (I am washing it, so don't worry) and I am getting some great questions and some great opportunities to share God's love for the orphans ....

As Valentine's Day approaches I of course am thinking of my Valentine ... I have had several people email me lately about their desire to adopt, but their husbands don't want to and I love to share how Scott only wanted 1 child (actually sang a song in the hospital "One and Done") and how through the power of the Lord and some amazing steps of faith we are up to 4 amazing unique children and walking towards angels number 5 & 6 ... Most people wouldn't believe that about Scott, but it is the power of the Lord and a man who was willing to listen to the Father of the Universe and that is how the Oatsvall Family is growing and starting a new legacy ... He talks all the time about leaving a legacy for our children ... What better legacy can you leave than children from all parts of the world loving the Lord and telling people about Jesus ... THAT IS WHAT WE WANT ... Warriors and disciples acting daily to share God's love and grace ... So to my Valentine ... I LOVE BEING YOUR WIFE, MOTHER TO YOUR CHILDREN, BEST FRIEND AND PARTNER IN LIFE !!!!!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I am sooo happy for you..
I can't wait to get my shirt..
I paid tonight...
You will have your babies soon..
Love ya girly..
I am wondering if I should buy another

jennifer said...

Awesome post. I can't wait to get my shirt!!

Anna said...

Have I ever told you that I LOVE being apart of the Oatsvall family's lives? Because I do!

Luffa lots,

Kristi J said...

And, don't forget to mention that I was wearing your shirt when my referral came it brings good luck too :) Ready for shirt #2!! kristi

April said...

Love my shirt, Maribel saw it and said "pretty Mommy"..loved the post about your husband, it's amazing how God can change everything, as you read in my story, my husband I prayed and prayed before I talked to him about adoption, I felt it was time to talk to him after much prayer, and he said "of course we will adopt" boy, God can move mountains, and how beautiful the scenery when He does so...
Love ya sister friend..

amy said...

cant wait to order one,another beautiful post, thank you!

Jewels of My Heart said...

As always I love your post!
Woohooo on the referrals for your friends. So excited the t-shirts are selling. I love mine! Thank you!
Have not heard of the book and I am excepting your triple dog dare and am going to order it!
Good for Scott for litening to the voice of God..... what a blessing it is!
A couple weeks ago I was talking about going to China and said "if" and he thought I was talking about Isabella and said, "WHEN!" Oh, thank You Lord for changing my hubby's heart!
love you

Cheryl said...

Got my shirt... and love it!!

I, too, have seen the power of prayer change a man's heart (my dearest loves :) to bring about the purposes of God. When it is His will... He can change any heart to line up accordingly!! Even mine!!

Many blessings to you and yours!!!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Gwen - you seriously touch my heart in a way that is a blessing every time I come to visit with you!

Thank you for all that you are doing - your heart for the lost and forgotten and being such a prayer warrior for so many waiting to be united with their forver families!

I'm touched by you and your family!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Scott! From me and my Scott! They sound so much alike - I wish we lived closer so we could all hang out!

Love and blessings - I'll be back to order some t's!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Gwen :) I got my shirt today and didn't know it was a long excited :) Steve, Allyson are leaving in the AM to Vegas to check out where Allyson will be moving to , for work..then to Reno to see Kristi and the kids (you know her from Klassic kids, right)

I will proudly wear my shirt in both cities and share your story :)

Leigh Ann said...

Love you...happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

I like you have been washing and wearing my tshirt daily. I love it and so many people have commented on it. I think so many people are unaware that there are 147 million orphans in the world. Thank you so much for opening eyes. Many blessings to you and your new little ones. God Bless, Stacey at

auntie katie said...

sweet sister. your voice makes my life easier, happier, more wonderful. i couldnt do any of this with out the support and love of my precious gwen and suzanne!

put your button on my blog! (you know how we get a lot of traffic..) lets get all t-shirts sold, and more t-shirts sold, and bring home those babies!

I LUFFA YOU and the Oatsvall team NNYO NNYO NNYO

auntie katie said...

sweet sister. your voice makes my life easier, happier, more wonderful. i couldnt do any of this with out the support and love of my precious gwen and suzanne!

put your button on my blog! (you know how we get a lot of traffic..) lets get all t-shirts sold, and more t-shirts sold, and bring home those babies!

I LUFFA YOU and the Oatsvall team NNYO NNYO NNYO

Kristy said...

Happy Valentines Day to the whold Oatsvall Team!!!

Gwen you are such a "real" lady.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Michelle said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Gwen. What a great story about your husband!!

I wore my shirt this week and loved it.

Jenn in GA said...

gwen--i've been reading your blog for awhile now and i've looked back in the archives for a post about abigail and joseph, and i can't find one! hope you don't feel stalked when i say that, but i've read a lot of your posts and can't find anything.

would love to hear how you found them!

am working with suzanne to get katie's women supplies for making paper beads. found your blog through emily alexander's. the internet makes this seem like such a small world!

delucchi family said...

Hi Gwen
Do you ship to the UK? The t-shirt looks great, I would love one.
Love the husband story, mine did the same and we now have 4.
Love Jules

redeemedintohope said...

so jesus calling really is changing my life, already. cant wait to talk about it friday. wore my tshirt last night and today! luffa it too!!!!!!!!!