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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Court went great ( a lot longer than expected) !!! I always tear up when the judge talks about the fact that an adopted child receives all the rights and benefits as if she was born of my womb ... It is so overwhelming to know that God laid the plans for all of this and that even the government see my precious adopted girls in the same way we do ... It was a sweet moment and very surreal the second time around ... Our lawyer (who is a believer) informed the judge we would be back after going to Ethiopia (I thought Scott was going to fall out of his seat ... Hee Hee Hee

March Madness is one our favorite times of the year in the Oatsvall house ... This is the college men's basketball tournament ... Each person in our family does a bracket (see sample below) and you get points for each game you get correct and the points increase the closer you get to the championship game ....

So here is the game ... By Friday night send me your pick for the National Champion plus a point spread ... Example and my choice is NORTH CAROLINA BY 7 ... Also just to make this girlie you can also pick your favorite team uniforms (mine ... TEXAS)

You can print a bracket off the computer ... It is super fun ... Jeremiah did 4 before he was happy with his choices (Jeremiah has Vandy to win, Scott has TN Vols, and Elijah has George Mason) ...So go impress your honeys and tell them you wanna a March Madness Bracket !!!!


Bible study w/ Tina starts next Monday ... I will do a post each week after her class ... I know this time w/ Tina and the Lord will be very changing to my spirit and I can't wait ..

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Thomas bunch said...

I ended up with Wisc in the Final 4and UNc winning it all, never would have said that at the beginning but I don't have Jeremiah's patience to do it over again even once...Kevin and I have a friendly wager...winner gets a foot rub during the game...
Go Tarheels!!

Laura said...

Glad court went well and that Maggie is OFFICIALLY AN OATSVALL!!! I like the family picture at home! You guys all look so good!!!

Scott & I must be thinking alike! I have Tennessee picked to win it all!!! As far as a point spread, I'll go with 3. So there's my pick - Vols by 3 over Duke in the finals!!! I need to do my women's bracket too! I'll be picking the Lady Vols to win it all too! So I'm going for the Tennessee sweep!!! Elijah is really pulling for an underdog to win it all, isn't he? How cute!

Dori said...

Oh yes, this former "didn't care if a basketball was stuffed or blown up" chick has already filled out her bracket!

I have North Carolina over Memphis by 3 points. But I also have a bracket that I filled out just picking the top seeds. That's always fun to watch fall apart!! :)

As far as uniforms, I'll get back with you because I'm not sure I've seen pink yet!! :)

Man, I wish I could be with you all on Monday nights. Seriously considered it, but the drive and Middle School homework and all that will probably keep me in Spring Hill on Monday nights.

Have a great week friend!


redmaryjanes said...

I always love to see your family. Congratulations on to little Maggie on being 'all official'. We send our love as always.

Anna said...

hey...i pick the UT vols by 12...hope ur having a great spring break...I'm having fun in florida can't wait to see yall and pix of savannah-hope...

Love u,

BudnLeah's Fam said...

I'm only going to pick this because no one else will! I'll go with IU by 4. If they really win I'll be more shocked then you!

Last night Buddy was trying to get me to debate a potential 2nd (or 3rd?) round match-up between North Carolina and Notre Dame. "Now Harongoty is 6'8 and Zeller is 6'9 which can present matchup problems to NC who has ??? who is 7'1...blahblahblahblah..." Puhleeeze!

Denise C said...

OH how beautiful you family is Gwen!!! All of you radiate Christ's love! IT is so apparent in your faces and your smiles! SO happy for sweet little Maggie....and oh so happy for your SIL and little Savannah Hope! I've been lifting them in prayer!!!

As for March Madness....I am going with a clean sweep for Tennessee as well....and I think the boys will win by 5! As for the will be a wide margin...I gonna say 17! GO VOLS!!!

Hope your family has the most blessed Easter you have ever experienced my friend!

Hugs and love to you!!!

nicole said...

hi gwen,
thanks so much for your note. and praise God for the good news about maggie and savannah hope!! you are all in my prayers!

i just put up a new blog about our trip to haiti. there is so much to share... this is just the beginning. i think you will be moved by the video-- we went to the orphanage and the children's hospital, and i honestly thought of you and knew of your prayers when i was there. i truly hope to follow in your footsteps someday in adoption. i know that with God all things are possible.

we also spent time in the poorest slums in haiti (as shown in the last couple of minutes of the video.) Lord have mercy. there are no words to describe the poverty and the suffering of the people.

i will be sharing much more in the days ahead. thank you so much for all of your prayers. you are an angel!!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Congratulations on Maggie being official... even though that happened the day you set eyes are her beautiful face...
LOVE the family picture.. you are all sooo beautiful..
Have a Great Evening..

Kelly said...

Once again, you guys are such a beautiful family. Congrats Maggie Oatsvall :0)

Not so sure about getting into the basketball thing. . . Tim doesn't really keep up w/it either, so I wouldn't get any brownie points anyway :0)

Praying for the Johnson's

Considering Monday :0)

Go check out my blog, and see my new daughter. :0) Well I'll be her mom for a year anyway.
Love ya

Leigh Ann said...

Yea, your brother doesn't really follow it of luck to you guys.

I can't believe I keep having Jeremiah's b-day down for the 19th and not the 20th...I am just over zealous with these dates now after years of neglect:)
Hope he has a great time tomorrow and next year his side kick will be there! We are paying her five dollars to be Dailen's twinkie tomorrow at Klassic Kids, but don't tell:)

Congrats on the court hearing and the pictures are wonderful!

Thanks for all of your prayers for my mom, too.

Love you and your brother says, HI!

nikki said...

Love the family photos of such a special, special day!!!! (You look incredible!)

Wonderful news about Savannah Hope, too. Yay!!!!

Katie Jo said...

Wonderful pic of your fam.
Adoption makes me smile
I bet Scott did about fall out of his seat! Can't wait to see all the things God has in store for you guys and how they will continue to reflect the Kingdom.

Jeanne said...

SOOO happy for you and your "official" little Oatsvall angel!

And SOOOO very happy you'll be hanging with us on Monday nights! Can't wait!

Waiting on approval to move to Part III of the application....keep praying!

Love ya!

Nicole said...

I am so glad Maggie is officially an Oatsvall! I know she's been an Oatsvall forever in your eyes, but I'm glad it's over!

Melinda said...

Congratulations on your adoption finalizing!! Praise God! You have a beautiful family and I cannot wait to see your next blessing from Ethiopia in the future.

Beckyb said...

Makes me wish we did this in Iowa!! I love it - congrats!! She's another BEAUTIFUL Oatsvall!!!

Becca said...

I finally filled out my bracket. I didn't watch any games or coverage til I got it filled out. So I have a TN/Memphis rematch for the final!!:) I'm saying TN by 5!! Scotty just laughed when he saw it. He picked Pittsburgh! HA! GO VOLS!!

I just saw Duke only beat Belmont by 1!! WOW!! Even though I picked Duke to go to the final four, I would have LOVED for Belmont to have won!! Oh well, they made a good showing!

Laura said...

Did you watch the Duke-Belmont game? That was such an awesome game! I was pulling for Belmont (even though I have Duke in the finals in my bracket!) and they almost pulled it out! I'm sure you guys were watching it too!

Happy Birthday to Jeremiah!

Thomas bunch said...
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Thomas bunch said...

You have been such a role model to me over the years, I found a picture that really embodies the extent to which you have set a positive example, and I posted it on my should come check it out.

mommy24treasures said...

I too am so glad Maggie is officical! Wonderful, can't wait to hear more about the bible study too! SO glad to hear about Savannah's Hope too! Praise the Lord! Hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating the ressurection of our Lord.

KKamholz said...

Ok, I don't know how to work the brackets, but I'm going for USD for the next round; I mean, shoot, if they can beat a #4 seed, they can certainly beat a 13.

Kristi said...

Congrats on the court hearing! Three cheers for Maggie officially being an Oatsvall!
On the basketball.....all I can say, even though they not too many points mind

Anonymous said...

Ethiopia!! Gwen that is amazing!! i have always wanted to adopt from africa and my mom always says that i can in 10 years when im married... anyways I have been praying for you and your family and i hope everything is going well. I love you!! God Bless!

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a happy day! I love the pics of your precious family... I am certain the judge must feel it a priviledge to play a part in your beautiful family.
so thankful your niece is safely home.