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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

So Much To Share ...

Going to Church .. Check out those fabulous hats (thanks Daleea)

There is such limited time these days for the computer ... Maggie's days are getting much better,and her nights worse ... I am so excited to report the following words from my sweet treasure .. "Mama Waffle", "Mama Botty (potty)", "Mama Juice", "Nite Nite", "Boom Boom"(taught to her by her brothers ... I have had some sweet people help me and I will be starting speech with Maggie on Wed/Fri while Emily is at school ... I debated on getting professional help from the state and decided against it ... I think another new person in her life is too much right now and I think it will help her and I attach even more ... So please pray as we begin that ... Elijah had his first basketball game two Saturdays ago and scored 4 points ... He makes everything look fun ... Jeremiah has just become the biggest helper ever ... He and his daddy when to speak at his Mimi's small group church meeting and Jeremiah just shared his heart and what he feels like God is pointing him to do ... I could not be more proud of this child ... There are lots of other things going on which I can not blog about, but I know you will pray for our family ... My husband is such a rock for me and his faith and the way he looks to the bright side of things is amazing ... I am blessed woman in the deep end of the ocean right now ... I can't wait to see what God does because I know as we stand in the middle of His will for our life it has to be something so AMAZING !!!! Giving your life away is never easy, but the blessings that flow will change you !!!!

I am clinging to my Jesus Calling book ... I feel like it is a lifeline that God created just for me ... A lot of rambling today, but I feel like you all understand my quirkiness ... love ya !!!

37 kind words.:

Michelle & John said...

Hi Gwen!
So happy to see an update from you all! I will continue to pray for your family as I know he knows your every need!

Andie said...

I pray for you and your family often. Standing in God's will is the most amazing place to be...not always the easiest, but the best!

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Totally understand the quickness! I can't even imagine my life when two more come home and I have four kids!!!

Love you girl. I know you were thinking of me and after being in Haiti I have a TREMENDOUS amount of questions for you. I know now our transition for AMos will not be as smooth as I had hoped for.

Love you girl. After I get more settled this week I'll call you.


shuey6 said...

She is doing so well, and I'm excited to read about her new words, that's fantastic!

Praying for you in Clayton,
The Shueys

LaLa said...

Love the hats too...super cute and how sweet : ) Glad the days are better and you are getting the help you need with the speech...cute that the boys are helping with that too LOL

You have every right to be proud of all your sweeties : )

~Amy~ said...

The picture made me melt! What an amazing connection all your children share. They are so lucky to YOU as their mother! :)

Beckyb said...

LOVE the picture!!! And the comments - you know we are praying!

mommy24treasures said...

so glad the days are better! Praying for the nights....
I pray for your beautiful family Gwen and am thankful we all have one another to pray for one another. Its a great gift to be able to stand in faith with one another....Thats what I love about my blog the absolute most, the dear friends I have made.
I support your speech therapy decision and pray you have all the help and wisdom you need to help little Maggie in this area.

Heather said...

Hi there! Love the picture - the hats really are too sweet. How wonderful your little ones sharing their testimony and what the Lord is doing in their and your family's life...powerful. Our family continues to pray for you. May those nights get better, may the difficult decisions (speech) come freely and may your heart be overjoyed at the beauty of your children - they really are spectacular in every way:) Quite the indicator they are being raised by amazing parents!

He holds you in the very palm of His hand...


nikki said...

Love the picture of your precious kiddos!
I know you're in the deep end of the ocean, but I KNOW that you are clinging to your LIFE PRESERVER!
I love you and your wonderful family.
Always here if you need anything.

Kim Kenward said...

Continued prayers for you and your family, Gwen. I think of you often. Great picture and the hats are quite lovely.

Kim K.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the picture of the kids..
Sounds like they are doing well..
I know things will get better..
And we all will be praying..
Hugs to you my friend..
We are all here for you..

Steffie B. said...

You may be in the deep end, but you will keep you...praying for you....hoping for a visit soon! ;)

Rony said...

Deep breaths. And remain calm. The nights will get better. I can promise you that. We suffered through with one of our twins for 18 months! Now you know why I'm "insane mommy! She sounds like she is doing great.

emily said...

Don't you sit and read it in the morning convinced that it was written for you?? Good stuff. Thank you again for giving it to me:)

Blessed by you- you are such a good mama!

Katie Jo said...

Thanks for sharing what's going on in your life. I drive past your house every Wed. and say a prayer for all of you. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in (all) of your lives. I know that He has some special things happening even now behind the scenes. Steve LOVES working at BA and gets to keep up with you guys through Jim. Cannot even wait to hear all the blessings in store for "giving your life away"...I think I need to find the book you have been mentioning:-)

Denise C said...

Hi Gwen,

I love the picture of your little sweeties before church! They are so precious! Those little hats are darlin'!

I am praying for you as well and wanted to share one of my favorite verses with you... Phil 4:6, which says,
"Don't worry about anything...ask God for what you need and then thank Him". This verse became my life line when my precious Mama was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

God is good and faithful and I know He is carrying your family through all that you are dealing with and whatever is ahead. Rest in Him.

Standing in the gap for you, my sister in Christ,
Denise C

jennifer said...

The picture is so cute of all of them. How exciting to have a son so mature and tender hearted. What a great example of sacrifice and love you are to him. He has a wonderful testimony even at his age. I pray that Maggie's nights get better. Being sleep deprived makes it hard to function. This too shall pass!

Denise C said...

Thank you for your sweet words and for stopping by!

You asked how close we live to one another.... probably about 4-5 hours apart. We live in Upper East TN....near Johnson City, Bristol Kingsport. And, yes, you are right, we should plan to try and get together sometime....I'd love to!
Possibly Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge....I believe it would be about half way for both of us! What do you think? Oh how fun... I'm excited already! We could make it a "Blogger Buddies Weekend" and invite all of the girls we blog with! OH HOW FUN THAT WOULD BE! Can you just imagine??? hee-hee!

I hope your day is blessed beyond your wildest dreams! Hang in there! You are one special mommy!!!

Anita said...

Gwen - You continue to hang onto that life raft of our Father....He will NOT let go, I promise and HE promises!! Think of you so often along with your sweeties and pop in here to catch all the beautiful pics of them too! HUGS from another COP Momma ~Anita (Momma to Kaylin)

redmaryjanes said...

I love that picture because Maggie has such a wonderful and true smile in it. I am glad that the days are better, it makes me think she is becoming comfortable in her new life. The nights being worse I don't understand except I think it shows there is still struggle in her subconscious. I will continue to pray for all of you.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Dear Gwen,
I love the picture... your babies sweet smiles are priceless. so glad the girls like the hats.
I know how overwhelming it can feel when you are in the deep end of the ocean.... the good news is that with Jesus you can walk on water. Stay the coarse sweet friend, He is and will hold your hand each step of the way... when you become too weary to take the next step He will hold you in his loving arms and carry you through the storm. You are in my heart and my prayers.
God's Peace to you and your precious children. He will heal your precious Maggies' mind and body. One day the memories that torment her so during the night hours will be washed away and His peace that surpasses all understanding will settle upon her like a soft soothing rain.

Thomas bunch said...

Hi Coach G,
You've inspired Leah and I to start our blogs...mine isn't as cool as yours...YET!!

I want to get that devo, I looked at Lifeway and didn't see it, where did you get it?

So glad God put you in my path again.

redmaryjanes said...

We are going to that same restaurant! I wish you could be here too. I wish that I had met you in person now instead of then when I didn't know anything about you.

Thomas bunch said...

Forgot to sign that last comment:)

BudnLeah's Fam said...

Great to hear from you! You guys are so amazing. I love reading about how your family has grown and how sweet your kiddos are. All four of them sound like such great kids. It will be fun to continue to read how Maggie continues to blossom under your care.
Love you and can't wait to see what you post next!

ingab said...

I am one of those that has passed through your blog and I keep coming back. I check often to see if there is an update or new photos, because it breaks my heart to see a sad face on Maggie. Your family is beautiful and if there is one thing I know, God will heal her troubles.

The photos with the hats is just priceless and I pray too for your little Maggie. God doesn't put anymore on us than we can handle.

Good Bless

ingab said...

and that would be God Bless.

Sorry a typo. :)

Kelly said...

Gwen, we continue to lift you all up. I know you can't share it all, but that doesn't matter. God knows exactly what you need. I am confident that he will provide for you. Asking God for a blessing for you. Love ya

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

Hi Gwen, your faith is very inspiring, God holds us in his embrace everyday and it never stops amazing me. There is a Chris Tomlin song that part of the chorus is "I am loved by the King and it makes my heart want to sing", that could not be any more true could it?? It just feels good that he has our "back" all the time. And it is so refreshing and such a blessing to know that you are my sister in Christ.

Love, Kristy

Tina said...

Jeremiah was a blessing.
Scott ministered much truth to my spirit. SO encouraged me...

Jesus Calling has become a treasure. WOW. Thanks for telliong us about it.

Praying for you.
Loving you.
Thanking GOD for you!

ADELE said...

Just wanted you to know I thought of you today and continue to remember your precious family in my prayers. I am sure you are so busy and things get overwhelming at times but hold to God's unchanging hand. He is there and will not let go of you. Praying and standing in the gap for you.

KKamholz said...

I've so sorry I've been out of the loop lately...I've been concentrating my energies on Leigh Ann's weight loss blog (I've lost about 24 pounds since October), that I feel like I've neglected you guys; but you guys are never far from my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything continues to progress for Maggie. Is she wearing any of the panties she was sent yet?

Michelle said...

Love the hats!! I got your message and just sent you an e-mail. Let me know if you don't get it.

nicole said...

hi gwen,
thanks so much for your sweet note! it is 100% an honor and privilege to get to pray for you and your family. God has placed you all firmly on my heart, and continues to keep you there & it is an honor to be among those sending you love and prayers each day. thank you so much for your kind words too. you are truly an inspiration to me, and i hope someday to be able to thank you for all that you are teaching me about the love of Christ.

with love and prayers,

Ruth said...

In my prayers friend. He has a plan that I know and my prayers are with you that the doors will be flung open wide and clear.

The Shocks said...

We will keep you in our prayers with the speech. You will do great.