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Sunday, January 27, 2008




OK, I know you have heard me mention this a million times, but here is your chance ... This fabulous devo is on sale at Lifeway bookstore for only $5 until Feb. 19th ... This book has changed my spiritual life ... If I had the money I would buy you all one ... I highly suggest you buy a few extra and when God speaks to you about someone then hand them one ... I have given over 15 away and each time God's voice was clear in calling me to do so ....

Just a side note ... Had a horrible night with Mags last night, and at 1:30 God just called me to pray and in the middle of praying for my family God brought all of you to my heart and I prayed for all of you ... I prayed God would let you know how thankful I am for the blessing of your encouragement, that He would continue to show you how to encourage those around you and that if you are in need of encouragement that He would bring someone to lift you up like you have done for me ...

So in the spirit of my prayers getting to focus off me and mags for a minute ... this is what I would love for you to do for me ... SEND ME A JOKE, TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR DAY, SOMETHING COOL ABOUT YOURSELF, OR JUST ANY CRAZY THING THAT POPS IN YOUR HEAD ...your comment will highlight my day !!!! love you all !!!!

52 kind words.:

dreamingBIGdreams said...

Okay here is something funny for you ....

The other night we went to bed and all was normal. When we woke up at 4:15 for Aaron to go to work I reached over to wake him up and realized he had NO pants on, and only a t shirt. weird! i asked him where his pants were that he went to bed with and he had no clue! NONE! he went to bed clothed and woke up only half dressed!

That was Wed night and we couldn't find the pants for days ... last night we found them - hilarious where they were. he's posting about it soon, so i won't spoil the fun ....

hope your day is great. you pass my thoughts daily when i think of amos and him coming home.

Steffie B. said...

I am working on coming to see you with the girls. Looking like Feb. 15th - 18th. Does not have to be for all of those days....this is just what I can work with! You need to tell me when a good time is to call.....I need to get tickets soon if we are going to come. We can stay in the same hotel again if you bunches!

Kelly said...

Knock Knock.
Who's There?
Olive Who?
Olive You :0)

Ok, so I know you have to be laughing at my fabulous joke! Seriously, though I do love ya sister :0)
Praying for a great day, and peaceful nights rest for you.

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

Well we have not done anything today.. we are just being lazy..
Watched " The GamePlan"... so GOOD...
Have a Good Day..

Laura said...

Sorry to hear that last night was such a rough night. I think of you often and check your blog daily. Sorry I don't comment as often as I should.

Okay, so Rachel got a God & Me devotional for Christmas. She was working on it the other day and it was talking about how God sees EVERYTHING that we do. It asked her to list some things that God had seen her do that day - both good and bad. I looked at her list and it had some things I expected on it, like be nice, be mean, happy, glad, pray, etc. Then I started cracking up. Right there in the middle of the list of what God had seen her do that day was pee and poop!!! Oh - the mind of a child!!! She's right, but it's not something I would have thought of, much less write down!!! Hope this made you smile!

mommy24treasures said...

I am so not a good joke teller. I will tell you I am ready for Spring! Jan is never my favorite month. yuck yuck. I want to go out and play! The highlight of my week was helping Steffie learn to scrapbook, thats pretty sad ;) Seriously I had fun.
How fun she is coming to see you guys!
I am going to go get this book now and several of them just as you have suggested. I might even do a blog giveaway again, and give one. Its fun to do.

jennifer said...

My last two posts are about funny things Cade has said. Go check it out. I'm so sorry nights are still not going well.

The Blog Fairy said...

Ms Gwen, I have kept busy this week being a teacher. It has been very fun showing Becky how to do blogs. Other than that, there is one new thing to report. Mya has asked to go to bed 3 times this week. This from a major sleep fighter. That is wild. Once for night and twice for naps!! I am in shock. I guess she's just growing up! Give everyone a squeeze. ~v

Kim Kenward said...

Gwen - I think of you and Maggie everyday. I keep hoping to read that her night terrors are getting easier. Your family continues to be in my daily prayers.

Here's my funny story. We're driving home from the grocery store on Saturay and my daughter Emma (she's 9) starts singing at the top of her lungs "cherrio girl" I realize she's quoting the Madonna song "material girl". I think I like her version better.

Kim K.

Rony said...

Honey my heart goes out to you. I'm not a great joke teller but did I tell you my 2 year old pleasures herself?! True. I didn't expect this until much later.....

Nancy said...

Gwen - my youngest has not had a hair cut for months. When asked why he wants it long he replies. . . Because I want to be FAMOUS!!!!!

My oldest is e-mailing with 3 different girls in his old school who all have a crush on him.
Ironic Huh?

LaLa said...

Sorry you had a rough night. Thanks for the heads up about the book have to head to broadway tomorrow : )

I don't have a really funny story..I need to post a video from's figure skating was on and Annslee was doing everything they were was pretty funny!!!

Oh, and if Steffie is coming to see you I really do want to crash at least for a little bit...I will make the excuse picking up my jewelry LOL

Dori said...

Alrighty -- on my way to Cool Springs TOMORROW MORNING to get this!! Can't wait!!!


Dori said...

Ooops....forgot to post my funny thing!

I was just remembering a morning not too long ago when Lindsey came staggering out of her room. She was sleepy-eyed and upset about something. So I grabbed her and started to cuddle her. (I had not had my shower nor brushed my teeth yet -- yikes!) She said, "I want my Mommy...." I said, "Lindsey, I'm right here." She just kept insisting that she wanted her Mommy. Again I said, "Lindsey, I'm RIGHT here!" She looked at me and said, "No, you're my ugly Mommy. I want my pretty Mommy."

God indeed doesn't look at the outward appearance but on the heart, but Lindsey prefers her beautiful Mommy over the unshowered ugly one!



Leigh Ann said...

OK...rough night at your brothers house. He had to "let go" Hope and Loveable - they would be Dailen's pet worms from Weird Science at Klassic Kids. They both walked outside (not the worms, your brother and neice :) and found the perfect spot - it's very rainy - and now they live in a Mansion (not your brother and neice - that comes later - the worms) and not a small container of compost on my kitchen counter!

Laura Nipper said...

Can't think of any funny jokes. Tom and I had a date today to celebrate our 9 year Anniversary, which is in a few days. We saw Buck List and went out to dinner. It was nice to spend the day together.

Franceskasjourneyhome said...

Ok here is something that I think is funny!!!

Several weeks after my surgery in November, my THREE year old neice Rayn was apparently getting tired of waiting for me to be able to hold her and pick her up when she asked me, "Meme when your doctor gonna let you hold me again?" And after I said I don't know baby she proceeded to tell me as she is rolling her eyes, "Ok but I am only gonna wait this much longer, as she was holding her two fingers about two inches apart!!! lololol

And then about 30 minutes later I was laying on the couch when I asked her to get me a piece of gum.

She walked up to me about 3 feet away with one hand on her hip and the other hand holding the piece of gum and said to me just like this: Meme you think this is ok with your doctor? I said yes Rayn I can chew gum!!Then after she kind of half way threw the gum at me, she says, Meme don't cry to me when this makes you sick ok!!!!!!!

My sister and I started cracking up and I said I think I just got told off by a "3" year old!!!

I hope this made you smile, I could go on for days with stories about this little turd, she is quite animated and she just cracks me up!!!

It is funny how you say we encourage you, Gwen you are one of the most spiritual, and encouraging women that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I only know you on the computer...that is pretty powerful!!!Thank you for being who you are. And I will buy that book .

Love, Kristy

Andie said...

ok, joke...this is my daughter Abbigail's (7 year old) favorite knock knock joke:

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Abbie who?
Abbie Birthday!!!

And my daughter Bethany (3 yo) does the typical little kid knock knock where it makes ABSOLUTLY NO sence, but then she follows it every time with, "Get it??!!" And then she just cracks up. You have to giggle right along, beause it is just so funny to see her cracking herself up!

Hope your nights get better...praying for you-

Kristy said...

I have to post something TOTALLY COOL - TOTALLY GOD,
yesterday our church gave us a check for $2000......we were blown away. We still have a bit to go finanically, but the God we serve is a HUGE God!
What a journey.
What a ride!
What an amazing God we serve...
Blessings ~

Diana said...

No Joke..Just a HI and a HUG from Indiana:)
I have 2 sons adopted from Korea (our youngest was a COP from Bethany:) He is now 10 and the cutest, funnest, ROTTEN boy ever. (and I would not want him anyother way).
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to share that the devotional you have shared with all of us is backordered on Lifeway...Jesus Calling!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us...people must be rushing right on over there and scooping them up...I ordered two, even though for me and as you suggested, one to share:)

Hope your days continue to Shine,

P.S. At a local Christian Bookstore in Indiana, they were also on back order due to selling out....can not wait to receive mine and dive on in!!!

Becca said...

I don't have anything funny to leave you, but I just wanted to say THANKS for the in formation on the Jesus Calling book. I have looked for it a few times and haven't found it, so I'm going this week to buy it at Lifeway! Hang in there girl, you are a mightly woman of God!

Laura said...

Gwen - based upon your recommendation, I stopped at LifeWay today and bought Jesus Calling! Everyone can come up this way - my LifeWay had plenty in stock!

nikki said...

Love the picture - Emily Chapman is so beautiful (inside and out)...and I am thankful for her too, because in a way she brought US together too!

You know that I love Jesus Calling - it is such a perfect way to start my day. And I think of you EVERY time I read it.

You are a blessing. I love you.
P.S. VERY jealous that Stef and the girls are coming to visit...wish we were coming too!

John & Michelle said...

I thank you for being the woman that you are! You often encourage and uplift me, if only through my little laptop.

Hubby and I have been preparing to move back to TN for about a year. Well my heavenly father had a different plan. He opened our eyes to what HIS plan was and we are going with it! I am so thankful that I remembered to be still and listen!!!

Thanks for being there for all of us!

Shari U said...

Okay, something just popped into my head. I'm sponsoring a little baby girl from Ping Jiang....I think that's where your Emily is from? She was born in August 07, she's just waiting for her forever family. I wish she could be mine. My little girl is from Hunan (Loudi). I really wanted to sponsor a child in Hunan, but CCAI didn't think they had any children available in Hunan. When they sent her profile to me I was so happy to have a Hunan girl. Not really sure why that matters (and it really doesn't), I guess somehow that connection just feels good. My little one who is now 5 had a really rough adjustment when we first brought her home. Lots of sleepless nights. She just started going to sleep in her own bed and it brings me to tears to see her there. I know that in order for her to sleep alone she has to feel safe, warm and loved. Thank you Jesus for healing her little heart. I pray that Maggie will be healed as well.

Mr.Brian said...

Sorry I have nothing today.However after just one day of working at the nursing home I know I am going to have some good material to work with.
Nothing I love more then the pleasently demented residents, you NEVER know what they may come up with.

I will end with
Knock Knock
Who's there
Dwyane who
Dwayne the tub im dwonding!!!!
I never said it was going to be good!!!

Shari U said...

Let's see, how many times can I use the word Hunan in two sentences? It's such a good province, and all, and I really like the way it just rolls off my keypad....Hunan, Hunan. That just goes to show that you should always proof prior to posting!

Shamay said...

Hello Gwen,

My baby girl had many of the same issues at night when I brought her home from VN. Probably not to the same degree, but she was much younger, and if she had trauma, we're not sure what. She is finally through it, it took her about 8 months, but now she sleeps through the night.

Hang in there. Sometimes in the daytime they are too busy to work through the scary things in their little heads and they have to let it all out at night.

Shamay said...

Hello Gwen,

My baby girl had many of the same issues at night when I brought her home from VN. Probably not to the same degree, but she was much younger, and if she had trauma, we're not sure what. She is finally through it, it took her about 8 months, but now she sleeps through the night.

Hang in there. Sometimes in the daytime they are too busy to work through the scary things in their little heads and they have to let it all out at night.

Nicole said...

Well, Jordan is full of fun sayings now, so I'll tell you what he said tonight...

I call Tim "honey" alot. I also call Jordan "honey." Mom and Dad might also use it once in awhile. So, when Mom and Dad were leaving tonight, he told them (while waving bye-bye), "Bye-Bye, Honey!" We all laughed until we could laugh no more.

Just letting you know, I pray for your family every night!

I don't know if you caught it on my babysite, but God has blessed us with another baby, due in August. I got pregnant just in time to help us deal with Christmas (which had alot of significance for the last time) and the "anniversaries," or whatever horrible thing you want to call them, of the twins' passing and delivery.

I KNOW you KNOW this, but God always provides...He knows what we really need. I needed this and he gave this baby to us at the perfect time.

Just thought I'd send a happy note your way! :)

April said...

Tag you're it. Come check it out.

Denise C said...

OK...this is going to be a long one... first, that Chapman family is awesome in so many ways! Next, I LOVE that picture.... I love the way Jeremiah is leaning back into you and holding your hand around his side. All of your babies are so precious! That says volumes about their mom & dad!!! (Way to go!!)

I went to and tried to order Jesus calling and guess what...... it is back I am going to our local store in Johnson city TN tomorrow to get one....(if they have them in stock...if not then I'll wait...) asked for a funny goes...when my cousin's son was only 3 years old...we asked him where his toy car was to which he said..."IT Pissappeared!" SO, now our entire family says "pissappeared" instead of "disappeared"! SO cute! He had the biggest blue eyes and a belly laugh that would melt you!
I also want to tell you one more thing....I have said it before and I'll say it again.....I think you are so so many ways.... God must smile so deeply when he sees your heart, my friend. I am so glad you share your faith so blesses me every time I'm here....
I am still lifting your sweet Maggie up to the Father for healing of her little heart and His perfect peace to just bathe that little sweetie!
Countless blessed days and nights to you my friend!!!!

Denise C said...

Oh, I almost forgot....I am still wearing my goggles like Miss Maggie!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok the other day we were driving down the road and I look back at my child and she is really picking her nose and I asked her what she was doing and she said she was "fishing". I told her that was gross and to stop it right now.

I know it is gross but it was funny the way she just said that. I had never heard of that.

Sending prayers and hugs your way. I will bring Maggie's video back I promise.


Kimber said...


I don't have anything funny to share but I do want to tell you how incredibly insprired I am evertime I come here:) You are amazing. I know what you mean about God (and our daughters) growing our hearts and stretching us to care for them. There are days when the lack of sleep or other things get to me. Then I come over here and I see how faithfully you put it all in God's hands and I am filled up. My situation is not nearly as diiifult as yours and yet, I do forget to offer it all up to HIM sometimes. Thank you for reminding me. I will go get this devotional.

Praying for you. it is wonderful to me to see how Maggie has opened up in the last 3 months.


Cate said...

Hang in there!

I thought I'd tell you what my nine-year-old nephew said to my sister the other day when she told him to clean his room or he wouldn't get his allowance. Aaron calmly said, "Mom, I still have all that money from Christmas. I don't need your money."

He cleaned his room after she threatened to start docking his Christmas money.

nicole said...

Hi Gwen!

I have an amazing little story to share about my weekend. This weekend I flew to Texas to make a surprise visit to my friend (like a sister) Danielle who entered a convent near Amarillo in August. As part of her formation she's not allowed to talk to friends on the phone or e-mail, which is a huge sacrifice. We've remained close in prayer and in the body of Christ, but I was thrilled beyond belief to receive permission to visit her, and to keep it a surprise too. And guess what? When she saw me (which was amazing), she said that two weeks ago she had a dream that I was coming, and even that very morning she prayed "God, if she's really coming today, please help me be awake!" Can you believe it?? God is amazing!! He not only made it possible for me to go, but He put it on her heart to know that I was there. I am still so amazed by it all-- it was a miracle all around. God worked in a huge way in my heart this weekend and I just wanted to testify that God truly knows our needs even more intimately than we do ourselves.

Lots of love and prayers!

John & Michelle said...

OK...I thought of a story!

Thanksgiving 06, I was talking to all of my family on the phone. My youngest niece, Olivia, was 3 at the time. I said to her, "what did you ask Santa for?" She rattled of a long list and asked if Uncle John and I had been to visit him yet. I told her that Santa was to busy talking with the little children to hear our lists. I also told her that Aunt Chell wants a Chinese baby. She wispered into the phone "Aunt Chell, they got um at Wal Mart"! I cried so hard I had to hang up! That conversation will always be priceless to me!!!

Jeanne said...

I'll have to try and get to the store and pick up a few copies!!!!

Africa was beyond amazing! Can't wait to tell you all about it. I'll post some stuff on my blog in a few days. Still processing right now. Pray for us....we're really seeking His face in this.

Love you, sweet friend!

The Shingletons said...

Okay, this isn't as funny as Aaron Ivey taking his pants off and losing them in his sleep, but...I almost ran into your mailbox today!! I had to take Kent to work today, and as I was coming back, I was looking at your house and wondering how your night went. It was about 7:45am and I was thinking about how tough your nights have been. I about took out the mailbox! Or took out myself! One of us wouldn't have made it! Luckily, with my awesome driving techniques, I regained control and am still here to pray for you and Maggie. I thought it would have been a little embarassing to come up to your door, but at least I would have gotten to see you! I guess I'll wait until the pool's open now :)
Thinking about you and you are in my prayers all the time! Love you, Shawnah

emily said...

Thank you for bringing Sarah Young into my home:) I haven't posted for two days b/c I have been trying to think of something "funny" and I've got nothin'!!

I do love you my friend!

Kim said...

Hey Gwen, I hope things are going good for you today and that you got a good restful night last night. You know that I'm new to all this adoption stuff, but I came across a company that does photography for free for families that adopt. I wanted to share it with you just in case you haven't. It's My brother and sister in law are getting a little closer to being able to pick a child from Ethiopia.
Continually Praying,

Denise C said...

I just wanted to tell you that I went by our local Lifeway...and they had JESUS CALLING in stock!!! Woo-hoo! they don't have anymore Jesus Calling in stock....because I took your advice and bought several and will now give them out to dear ones as God prompts me to do so! Thanks for sharing your "Walk with Christ" are truly an inspiration...and I count you among my blessings! I am so glad that God crossed our paths in this bloggy world!
Take care my friend! Covering your sweet family in prayer each day!

Emmie said...

These devos are definitly amazing. I love mine so much! Thanks so much Gwen!
Keeping you in my prayers!

Emmie said...

These devos are definitly amazing. I love mine so much! Thanks so much Gwen!
Keeping you in my prayers!

Heather said...

Hi Gwen!

Good gracious I love this devotional! Posted it on my blog a few weeks ago in hopes everyone would be blessed by it.

SO sorry to hear about your looong nights. I do pray daily for sweet Maggie and for your whole family. You have touched my soul.

Not so good at the funny thing, but I will tell you the girls picked out a sweater for our four pound poodle (okay that is funny in and of itself) but it is a bit too big and it has a huge floopy peter pan collar. As soon as we got it on the dog, Hannah yells really looud, "FUNNY Mama, really funny." and then finishes with "Cuuuuuuuttttte." I know you had to be there, but it was fun for us!

Hope you are having a happy day.

KKamholz said...

Gwen, your SIL leigh ann has been an incredible bleesing in my life. Since starting the "Biggest Blogger Loser", I've started walking (and I'm starting to see the affects of that...getting really toned and slimmer) The encouragement she's (and everyone on there) given me just has had an incredible impact on me. Can you please pray that I'm able to keep this up, in spite of my continuing medical problems?

But on a down note, I'm smoking. So please also pray that God will touch my heart in a way that I can quit (and not have any negative affects of this).

Tiffany said...

Okay so I was reading Seth Hood's blog and he was saying how an 11 year old indian girl told him rather bluntly that his hair was too long and he should cut it because it is too big (as in weight ~ i forget how he actuallly said she said it). I left the following comment:

Ohhhhh my come to over to the actual country my friend and hear what ALLLLLL of them say, so NOT tactfully but ever so sincere!

I have had to get over the fact that no matter where I go here, more because I am 6 ft tall and most of them here are say . . . 5 ft, that when I ask to see a salwar khameez outfit I have to ask for the "big size"! Nothin hurts your ego more than having to actually say those words OUT LOUD to someone with a whole bunch of other people standing around in a circle trying to see what the funny looking white lady is buying! HA!

Only for God!

I love you girl and am praying for you and Mags.

Much Love ~ Tiff

Chad said...

Greetings beloved family in Christ. My name is Chad yates, a brother out of Webb City, Missouri and I was searching for this book when I found your blog. Our pastor is down ill with a heart condition and someone said a passage out of this book to him on his caringbridge journal site which inspired me and brought me to tears. I'm not quite sure why the good lord brought me to you, but we have a sister at church who just adopted and i am so inspired by the courage and strength it must take to commit to such a noble act as adopting a child, thus giving that child hope for the future and love for a lifetime through Jesus Christ. You are my hero of the day and I am blessed to have come across your blog. Thanks for the heads up on this book, by the way. May the love of Christ bless you and your big beautiful family fully and completely. -Love Chad

Wanda Kohn said...

For Christmas, one of my volunteers gave me Jesus Calling. It has already blessed me beyond measure. I work with broken women daily at the crisis pregnancy center. I have already shared specific devotions with some of those I minister to. I plan on buying several copies so your info on buying them from LifeWay is a blessing!

In Christ,
Wanda Kohn, Director
Pregnancy Care Center
Leesburg, FL

Wanda Kohn said...

Jesus Calling devotion book question. I went to online and it's not showing anykind of sale for $5. So then I realized that the $5 might be what your local LifeWay store is selling them for. If that is true, which LifeWay Store is it? And what is their location and/or phone number? You help would be greatly appreciated.

Wanda Kohn