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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going Before The Father

I am clinging to the verse that says, "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not stray." The picture is of my new quiet time chair ... We just finished construction on the front part of our house and I created a quiet time chair for myself. The other day I found Emily in it reading to herself. This is what she said, "Dear God, There's wocket in my pocket and you are happy, happy, happy." Okay, so it is a mixture of the bible and Dr. Seuss ... I just cried. It is so important for our children to see us go before the Father !!! Today's post is all about prayer needs. Join me in the comments and post your prayer needs or just pick one of mine and make it your own ...

1. Bring my Sweet Maggie home soon.
2. Heal my little warrior Cade (My best friend Carlee's little boy).
3. Keep my niece Savannah healthy till she comes home from Malawi.
4. Be with my friends, who are waiting for daughters from China.
5. Help Anna's (one of my bball player's arm) arm to heal quickly from her surgery.
6. Elijah's anxiety going to kindergarten (He is getting better).
7. Ivey's little boy they are bringing home from Haiti.
8. My friend Yolanda, who just lost her mother.
9. Nana's health .. She is 83 and so healthy ... She is the rock of our family...
10. My brother's family to have a smooth transition in the move back to TN.
11. FBC & STBC ... these two churches are such lights in a dark world, please continue to bless their ministries.
12. Shockley's travel to get Ethan.
13. Bilby's boys medical conditions.
14. Our basketball team and the mission the Lord would have us on.
15. Tina Hutchinson and her ministries ... She is such a strong tower for me and my walk ... check out her blog on my side bar...
16. Renee, a mother wrongly accused of abuse, who is in prison and separated from her children.
17. An Unspoken
18. All those parents considering adoption ... I pray you don't sleep a wink until you start your first piece of paperwork. God is calling you because His children need earthly mothers/fathers....
19. My new friend Emily bringing home two children from Ethiopia !!!!

This is only a small fraction of what is on my heart and in need of prayer ...Love You All !!!!

12 kind words.:

emily said...

How true is #18-- didn't sleep for weeks! What a great prayer:) Trying to figure out a date with Corinne to come to TN-- will let you know once we get a date.

Tammy said...

Sweet! Don't you just love that spot? My favorite time of day is my time with Jesus in our meeting place each morning in my home! Priceless!

mommy24treasures said...

I agree with you and mix my faith with yours. I also add that Maggie will know you are her family and have peace from the moment she is in your arms.


i completely agree and pray each day for Maggie to know my voice and see the love in my eyes !!!

nikki said...

Nothing sweeter than watching your children getting to know the Lord (even if it is mixed with Dr. Seuss.)
You and Scott are such great Godly examples for your children...for us all, actually.
I will join you in praying for these things. You KNOW I am praying for your sweet Maggie!

Anna had surgery? Poor thing.
Cade is a doll and sooo strong. Give Carlee a squeeze from me.

Tell Emiwee to keep having her quiet time with her God!

Hugs friend!

KKamholz said...

My prayer requests are for my mom's foot to continue to heal and not have the possibility of surgery even in our dad, not having his dementia get any worse (he is still driving and seems to be doing ok); i have a cousin that's terminally ill; but by the Grace of God, he's been going for 16 years...i ask that he continue to go on; have another cousin that just bought a house; may he have many blessings in it; finally, that i continue to be cancer free...on the 25th of this month, it'll be 15 years and counting

redmaryjanes said...

Love this post. It is very sweet and comforting to see your children develop their own relationship with God.
I will pray for your prayer list. There are a lot of very important things on there.
I'm so glad that it's Friday! Tyler has a church campout tonight, but apart from that it's going to be pretty quiet.
Except for the shower!!

KKamholz said...

i will also have your prayer list on my heart; especially for maggie and your children in ethiopia...and crystal's baby girl in malawi (oh my, is she a cutie)

Mommy Spice said...

We have a Nana who turns 83 in November. She is healthy and strong and is a prayer warrior. We continue to pray for her.

I love the quiet time chair. Don't you know God was listening to her with a giggle in his heart. How precious.

redmaryjanes said...

I am really getting excited~ there is so much response to your shower! I think that it's going to be amazing tomorrow. Everyone is so happy to have something to celebrate and bring them all together. It really is a two-fold blessing. You and Maggie will have a wonderful shower and the waiting moms will have something to get excited about and have a way to support the children and the adoption sisterhood.

housemouse said...

Just found your blog, but I'm coming to Maggie's shower! God bless your family.

Jewels of My Heart said...

How very precious. I come into agreement with your prayer in Jesus' Name. I continue to pray for your sweet Maggie.
God's Speed