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Monday, June 25, 2007


Just had to post the exciting adventure of the Shockley's leaving Emily's b-day party. Apparently Greg thought that you didn't have to look at the road when driving. We were all really scared at first, but then things got comical. Just a few pictures of the adventure. Also, just wanted to add that we all were laughing at Scott driving his lawnmower out their to pull the car out, but we have to say, "That John Deer Tractor" got the job done.

6 kind words.:

Leigh Ann said...

2 funny!

KKamholz said...

Are they ok? that's a cute car; what kind is it?

Beckyb said...

That made me laugh when Pam shared but even more so when you shared!!! I am sure you were scared at first - but that is too funny now!

Steffie B. said...

That is funny.....I read Pam's blog...but seeing pics is too funny!

lnipper said...

Thank goodness for the little tractor.
Wow it is so green and beautiful in those photos. San Diego is so dry and brown right now.

The Shocks said...

pam here. The care is a Chevey Aveo. We are all ok. Greg did live through it. I think his ears might have been hurting though.