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Monday, April 30, 2007


Sorry to have been out of touch this past week, but it has been a packed week so I thought I would update you in bullet points.
1. Work trip to Chattanooga for 2 days
2. Basketball Tourn. in Georgia/ 6 games and Jeremiah broke his ankle (thanks everyone for the prayers).
3. Emily sleeping in big girl panties and waking up dry!!!
4. Visit with high school friend Angela in town for the 1/2 marathon
5. Funeral visitation for great uncle, who passed away on Friday
6. Air conditioning out on the Ghetto Yacht and boy are we sweating
7. 5 trips to the YMCA to keep me sane.

A highlight of the week was Elijah entering the Hot Shot Basketball Game during the tournament. It was for only 8/9 year olds, but he begged to do and I was so proud that he actually went out there. Oh and notice the color of Jeremiah's cast. You know he is secure in his masculinity with that color choice.

8 kind words.:

KKamholz said...

sorry to hear about jeremiah. hope he's feeling better soon.

KKamholz said...

forgot the rest of it...woohoo for emily; sorry to hear about your great uncle;

Steffie B. said...

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well despite all the latest activity! Hooray to Emily for the big girl panties....Sophia is doing really good too! Sorry the Ghetto Yacht is giving you trouble! I love mine! ;)

Laura said...

Love the pink cast Jeremiah!!! Elijah looks so cute in his basketball outfit! And awesome job Emily! Such a big girl!!! Your life is pretty much in constant motion, isn't it? But I'm sure that's the way you like it - always something going on!

Olivia said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about the leg. hope he is feeling ok! the pink cast is great!

Beckyb said...

What a fun post!! I have been praying for Jeremiah - I LOVE the cast!! And yes, Yeah for Emily - she is doing great with dry panties!!! That is quite a week!!

nikki said...

Holy Cow, are you EVER busy!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated -- love the pink cast! Looks like he's handling his injury with style!

Emmie said... much going on! Thanks for filling us in on all the gossip at the Oatvall's!! :)

-So sorry to hear about Jeremiah's ankle!! That would be hard, and very uncomfortable to have a big old cast stuch there.
-Awesome job Emily on continuing to do well with the big girl panties...keep it up!

Sounds like you sure have been busy, and hopefully being able to somewhat enjoy yourself during all these activities! :)
Very cute pics...Elijah looks so cute with his little uniform!