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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taking a Break!!

I just love this time of year for our family. Scott has just finished basketball and now he is home every day by 3:30, no where the kids have to go, sun setting late, rocking Emily, playing and reading with the kids and just a calmness around the house. We play outside and eat dinner together most every night. It is these times when I fall on my knees to the Father and thank him for the blessings in my life, but it also reminds me of all those who don't have a moment to "Take a Break." As a family we are praying right now for God to show us a place of service outside the walls of our church. My husband has been talking for years about wanting to be more of a servant and teaching our kids to be servants. There are so many in need and we want to give away our time, treasure, and talents as it talks about in Matthew .... Love Ya All and don't forget to "Take a Break."

6 kind words.:

Beckyb said...

Great words, Gwen - how true!! Even Jesus went away by Himself sometimes - so if He was allowed a break - I think we need them too!! Enjoy the time together.

Dori said...

Thank you, sweet friend, for the reminder! It's on my heart, too. When God starts doing something like that in the hearts of many of His children, He definitely is up to something HUGE!


Steffie B. said...

What a wonderful post Gwen, be thankful for your time is so important!

KKamholz said...

Isn't Scott a pastor? I can't think of a better way to be a servant than that. Of course the kids aren't old enough to be pastors....what about having Jeremiah, since he's the oldest, lead like a youth group or something? Not sure about the younger ones.

emmie said...

Beautiful post! Those times with the family are wonderful!

redmaryjanes said...

Enjoy your break and your time together. This is the perfect time of year to take one.